AS you approach the village of Benamargosa the scenery changes to a lush, tropical paradise – one of the only places in Europe where you can grow mangoes and avocadoes.

Dating back to the 15th century it sits on a mostly dry river bed forged by the charming Diez Ojos bridge, named after its 10 arches.

It’s hard to imagine that only six years ago the water came over the top of this bridge after heavy rainfall flooded most of the lower part of the village.

Today the river bed is mostly used as a back road for the farmers who work the land on either side, and by the many residents who have houses dotted along it from Triana to Cutar.

Make sure to visit the Wednesday market held here beside (and under) the bridge, while opposite you will find lovely gardens with an avenue of trees, a fountain and a children’s play area.

Make sure to also visit the Church of St. Mary of the Incarnation, where baptisms took place as early as 1546.

Also tucked away in the heart of town is a lovely square where the old town hall used to be and some very old houses which have been beautifully renovated.

Higher up are the gardens of San Sebastian where you can have a well earned rest having strolled around town.

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