BORIS Becker is being forced to sell his Spanish mansion to pay his debts.

The former Wimbledon winner reportedly has 276,000 euros worth of unpaid gardening and maintenance bills that have led him to put his La Palma villa back on the market.

It comes less than a year after newspapers reported the villa had been seized by the Spanish authorities over an unpaid wage bill to his gardener.

A court ordered the sequestration of the 700,000 sq ft house and grounds until the bill was paid.

Prior to that Becker had been unsuccessfully trying to get rid of the property for five years.

He has had to pay an enormous upkeep on the grounds to keep it in pristine shapefor potential buyers.

The father-of-four bought the villa with his former wife Barbara in 1997 for 1.5 million euros.

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  1. Boris – stick to tennis, or whatever. You LEAVE the garden modest (keeps your cost low) and agree as a Selling Point to put the gardens “up to the Buyers’ requirement, up to a maximum of XYZ Euros”
    Most likely WHATEVER you HAD DONE would be RE done by Buyers anyway.

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