EVERY day it seems that there is a ‘World Day’ for something or other and this month SIS celebrated World Poetry Day.

We have always taken poetry writing quite seriously at SIS and students start learning the techniques from a young age.

The standard and quality has always been very high and when we ran a poetry competition for our secondary school students we were impressed at the depth presented.

The competition asked for poems with underlying themes of unity and /or diversity.

Here we publish the winning poetry, which also appears on our website.

1st prize – Paulina Musayev (pictured above)

A stranger
On a journey down to nowhere
I have realized many things.
Dwelling on the subject; friendship
And what once a stranger said to me
“You’re not a no-man
Neither am I”
He continued with a sigh.
The stranger gazed high above the tree tops
We heard the sirens of the cops
As little raindrops gently landed on our faces.
There were no traces of violence just serenity.
“You can feel and so can I
We could perish in a blink of an eye.
We can withstand the strongest storm
Yet we are torn from a cunning plan.
We are strong when we’re united yet
How weak we are alone.
Then why do we insist to consist in groups
Exclusion is not the solution to our society
The variety of us is overwhelming
Compelling us to accept
So why do we resist?”
He preached
Continued to persist for his message was vital.
Accept and you will be accepted, you will be loved, free.
On a journey down to nowhere
I have realized…
Unity is vital.

2nd prize – Isabella Mead

My heart has finally ruptured of this wicked evil.
It takes me hostage in my own pit of undying passion.
For so long have I lived and breathed in these shadows of loneliness,
And proceeded without the comfort of your warm hands.

For too long have I undergone the darkness,
Of which this evil places on me.
No longer do I feel the need to hide in the sorrows of my past.
By the power of which I invest in you, I now only rise in strength,
As you grow on me more and more.

As I lay in reflection of times more sombre,
Only due to my stupidity and ignorance.
Have I hovered in fear to seize my freedom,
Now I unite with you.

You have evoked this fire which blazes in a statuesque manner,
Flickering in a harmonious and lustful rage inside me.
And yet I decline this sweet blossom the night guest’s whisper of.
I roam these golden sun kissed skies in dreams soon to be reality.
Like a bird I dive, landing on my feet as my soul shall flourish.

Joint 3rd prize – Will Moody

I sit here
I sit here, relaxing,
Thinking little about my fashion,
Little about my skin, my eyes
Or my language

I sit here, thinking
About the boats we’ve tried to sink
About the crimes we committed
It really makes you think…

The purpose? The goal?
The desired proposition?
Does a life of suppression
put you in a dark position?
Did evolution rise us,
or revolutionize us?

We’re from the same body
Looked at with different eyes
we’re in the education, information,
Literacy age.

The world is getting smaller
and we embrace more each day

Media influx mediates us,
But its starting to come naturally
This generation is starting –
To get a hang of it

It gets easier every year –
I grew up with this
Accepting one another
No remark for this

Joint 3rd prize – Bryony Charleson

When people run away from danger, they look for safety.
When people pray for one another, they hope.
When people sit in silence, they respect.
When people help, they give.
When guns are let go, they think peace.
When people sing, the world is one.

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