THE dominance of private school pupils is ‘corrosive’ to UK society claims Nick Clegg.

The Deputy Prime Minister has warned that the massive gap in standards between state schools and private schools is holding back social mobility and damaging the economy.

The former pupil of London’s leading private school Westminster – who is married to a Spaniard – said: “Right now there is a great rift in our education system between our best schools, most of which are private, and the schools ordinary families rely on.

“That is corrosive for our society and damaging to our economy,” he said.

In the UK children educated in the private sector are three times more likely to achieve two As and a B at A-Level than pupils in state schools making the gap wider in Britain than almost any other developed country.

Clegg has so far refused to confirm where his children, born to wife Miriam, are going to attend school.

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  1. Clegg is a privately educated dolt who exemplifies “The Peter Principle” to the extreme. Some are educated but not smart!
    Nick – the UK government before and during your term has: LOST manufacturing employers in the UK, LOST utility ownership to foreign countries, LOST effective criminal/justice system, LOST public respect for politicians’ acts to represent the Public & handle their money morally – but it has GAINED in UNemployment, UNemployment benefits paid out, ILlegal immigration, DISrespect for many politicians’ acts putting “their hands in the Taxpayer’s till” and the needless sense for the Private sector to save for their Retirement since “valuable Public employees” get it all… ALL!
    Get in touch with reality & your UK voters or you’ll be a MEP – if it lasts.

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