By Helen Pierpoint

A 27-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested for attempting to steal from his own mother.

The man from Ronda organised for his mum to receive a text message inviting her for a job interview at the town hall while the crime was carried out.

The woman claimed the text perfectly copied the style usually sent by the town hall.

But on her arrival she was told that nobody had summoned her.

When she returned home she found the door had been forced open and thieves had allegedly stolen various valuable objects and €2,500 in cash.

Her son was the only person that knew the house was empty leading him to become the focus of the investigation.

Meanwhile the mother has now also been arrested for falsely claiming €2,500 had been stolen when the actual amount was only €280.


  1. Since this an English language paper, could we revert to the use of English. Theft is stealing property. Burglary is theft (etc) from a building, Robbery is theft with violence, or the threat of violence. The headline is therefore misleading, and possibly defamatory.

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