A STAGGERING €190,000 of taxpayers’ money is being spent on a portrait of an ex-minister.

Former PP public works minister Francisco Alvarez-Cascos has chosen one of Spain’s most expensive living artists, Antonio Lopez, to paint his official portrait.

The commission was approved by former minister Jose Blanco in April 2010 as part of a long-standing tradition of hanging portraits in ministry headquarters.


  1. Gee – unless they pay for their “portraits” themselves rather than use TAXPAYERS’ MONEY for their Ego Boost –
    “… the long-standing tradition of hanging portraits” should be MODIFIED to be: “long standing tradition of hanging MINISTERS whose photos are shown here and at the Correos!”

  2. ANOTHER politico waste – if any political Official wants to be “memorialized” by a “painted portrai or photograph” of themselves to HANG in posterity.. they should pay for that themselves…. NOT the Taxpayers'(some of whom may think these Ministers did a LOUSY job or may have been Indicted for incorrect acts while in office”

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