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Three suspected Al-Qaeda members arrested in Cadiz and Ciudad Real

al qaeda suspects cadiz

By Rund Abdelfatah

SPANISH authorities have arrested three alleged members of Al-Qaeda in La Linea and San Roque in Cadiz.

The detainees, two Chechnyans and one Turk, have received military training in camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The men were carrying explosives and poison, and authorities suspect they were planning a terrorist attack in Spain or Europe.

Police arrested the Turkish man at his home in the neighborhood of Las Palomeras, San Roque where he lives with his Moroccan wife.

They later found enough explosive material to “destroy a bus”, according to Spain’s interior minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz.

The two Chechnyan suspects were detained at a rest area in Valdapenas while on their way to France.

This is the first time armed suspected Al-Qaeda members have been found in Spain.

The suspected terrorists are believe to be linked to an Al-Qaeda cell called the LET (which stands for Lashkar-e-Taiba in Arabic, meaning ‘army of the pure’), responsible for the attack on Mumbai in 2008 that killed 170 people.

Western intelligence services have been on their trail for several months and detected their presence in Spain about a month ago when they arrived from France.

During this time, the suspects were seen training in paragliding flights around Gibraltar, leading police to speculate that they were planning an air attack.

Authorities are currently hacking into the detainees’ computer records to retrieve information about their alleged plans.

The central base of Al-Qaeda issued a statement in early July indicating they were searching for ‘lone wolves that live among the enemies and speak Spanish’.

The text, written in Spanish, was an appeal to recruit suicide bombers.

These arrests come just one day after the Spanish government submitted a defence policy that did not include appointments at the 11-S, the 11-M, al Qaeda or Afghanistan.

Indeed, the policy statement made no mention of diplomacy, disarmament or arms control.


  1. This time good score but will it be so next time since the European govts’ liberal attitude based on touch and go toward the miscreants has somehow been emboldening them to take advantage of it repeatedly otherwise why in China they are so scared to venture out .

  2. Bit confused as to how many there were. Different media place them in different places. How many more could there be just sitting and waiting for the right moment in time? At times like these I crave the nosey neighbours syndrome. So easy to hide in tourist resorts, or blocks of flats where nobody knows who anybody is or where they come from. Are we all becoming too complaisant, too independant? None wear a tee shirt proclaiming they are terrorists! Maybe its time to sit up and take some more notice.

  3. One of them was a construction worker.
    “The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Quaida. And any informed intelligence agent knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity… The country behind this is the US.” Robin Cook, former British Foreign Secretary.

  4. Really Jane? Then the Atocha massacre, the Bali massacre, the ones in London, the New York massacre and so on are all part of a propaganda campaign? Should ask the families where they are hiding the supposedly “live” relatives they lost in those massacres then.

    You can’t be in denial of facts just because these atrocities may not have affected you personally. We should really be made more aware of those that live and work amongst us, without becoming paranoid though.

    And we should take a page from WWII where they advised everybody to be aware of what they talked about in places like bars, work etc..because terrorists and their “enablers” dont go about advertising who they are.

    You might not be aware but there have been other arrests in recent times in this part of the world and just across the Straits too in Ceuta and for all these and the ones we dont get to hear about we have to thank many many people in many countries who are behind these arrests, and hopefully they will carry on their great work, so that we can continue with our lives in relative safety.

  5. Kinda scary, Yeltsin the guy in the middle, who worked as a construction worker in Gibraltar, we, our company, where quite friendly with him. Anyway he was so likeable we gave him a computer for “his kids”


  6. Jane is right! US created, control and fund so called Al Qeada..useful tool to create fear and conflict as a diversion from gevernments´ criminal activities and acts of illegal wars. — also great for when they want a regime change (i.e. Libya). We are suckers to believe there really is such an enemy. Dont listen to everything you hear in the media, ask first “who benefits from us believing this piece of news” !!

  7. This is really bad journalism and it makes me question it’s validity. The picture of the three men and part of this article is exactly what was posted by The OP over the summer as being part of an Al-Qaeda effort to harm Gibraltar via para-sailing. Now it’s reported these same men were arrested in Cadiz? So they were released after the Gibraltar incident and re-arrested? This absolutely makes no sense.

    Also, anyone who believes the US is behind Al-Qaeda needs to pay closer attention to world events. Al-Qaeda killed thousands of Americans on 9-11 when they flew our own commercial airplanes into the World Trade Center in NY. Anyone remember that? Al-Qaeda is a group of Islamic Extremists. The US does not present Islamic Extremists; we present the world with right-wing Christian Extremists who are more interested in taking away your civil rights as a human being than flying airplanes into buildings and killing people. Jane needs to keep up with her current events better.

  8. Maureen, it is you who needs to keep up with current events. Independent scientists and engineers have already disproved all of the ‘official’ NIST conclusions about the twin towers. Whilst planes undoubtedley hit the twin towers, they did not bring them down (and certainly not the third tower, which no plane even touched). The US originally funded Bin Laden. Please do better research and I suggest you get over to the 9/11 Truth website, assuming you are open to independent research and not just the US government view? You’ll be telling me next a plane flew into the Pentagon lol.

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