14 Aug, 2012 @ 10:39
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Spanish royals snubbed at Olympics

Queen sofia of spain

SPANISH royals were left embarrassed again after being denied entry to an Olympics journalists’ zone.

The Queen, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia were stopped by a British volunteer as they tried to enter an area reserved for journalists.

The family were hoping to be able to congratulate Nicolas Garcia, who had just won a silver medal in taekwondo.

The volunteer stated that he had no idea who they were, and without accreditation there would be no entry.

Princess Letizia took several pictures of the man as he told them to leave  and turned his back on the Spanish royals.

The confusion was over when Garcia arrived later and the trio were finally permitted into the area.


  1. @ fred n stuart …your right they are not journalists , they are royals and should get priority over anyone , and the look on their faces was probably dissapointment NOT arragance …would you have loved to of been their would you….. laughing out loud,…….but you wasnt because your not important….. grow up .

  2. British volunteer did his job. Well done, whoever you are. You have to apply for and wear accrediation to get into some places, whether you are a royal or a pauper. Spanish PR guy should get the slap on the wrist not the BV. Embarrasing situation for everyone concerned.

  3. It’s an unnecessary mix-up which should have been averted with prior planning on both sides. No way should the Spanish Royals have met such a situation, they deserve similar treatment to our own Royals or VIP’s on their foreign engagements, even if unofficial.
    I personally feel embarrassed at their treatment and that they were not accorded a guiding escort at the very least.
    It reflects very badly on the UK – as if we, as foreign residents in Spain, don’t have enough problems already.

  4. Well she did refuse to go to our Queens jubilee ‘following ongoing disputes over sovereignty and fishing rights,’ so I think this story is actually very funny! that was pathetic!

  5. Well not as bad as it reflected on Spain not having allowed the Spanish Queen to attend the invitation she had already accepted at her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee celebrations or their Royal Spanish Majesties not having attended the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Di or so many other similar incidents because of British Gibraltar, wouldnt you think?

    I doubt that any problems foreign residents may have in Spain have anything to do with any of it.

    They should have actually graciously congratulated the man for doing his job. No marks for taking photographs of the volunteer either – could have been construed as intimidation.
    Accreditation is a must in places where the security status is high, no matter who you are. PR foul up.

  6. Best thing to do, is to check it with your superiors or get a confirmation.
    Bad organisation on the Spanish olympics committe, the royals should have someone to open the way for them.

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  8. I feel that Queen Sophia was a victim of the present right-wing government, as she would have been under Franco. As our Queens distant cousin, I’m sure she would have been delighted to have attended the Jubilee, but her visit was cancelled just two days before.
    Maybe for the Olympics, Queen Sophia was denied entourage, again by the Spanish government, leading to this really distasteful situation. In any case all security personnel at the Olympics should have been aware of the presence of top VIP’s, of whatever nationality, with supervisors to hand for advice in difficult situations.
    Using their monarch as a diplomatic weapon is a pretty dirty trick by the Spanish government, as it would be if the UK government used our Queen for the same purpose.

  9. About time Her Royal Majesty put her foot down! I admire the lady enormously and it was published that she was “not amused” at all by the imposition made on her by Messrs. Margallo and Co.

    Still, for their own security if not for anything else, in a foreign country as well as their own, protocol needs to be adhered to. Again no marks for the Public Relations/Personal security team at their service.

  10. Well done to the poor sod on the door. Probably spent all day telling jokers/snobs without credentials they cant come in.
    As for taking pictures… definately intimidation and the volunteer should demand a public apology (even though they were most likely indifferent to it. You want my picture? here’s my best side). The spanish on the other hand hate it. Its like insulting an italians mother. They get soooo worked up about it. I’ve seen rows with background spaniards in tourist photos…

  11. Love the way everybody politely ignored the fact that Morales wandered on to the wrong site to make his point about time shares. Very English in fact. Or did I miss a huge irony?

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