BRITISH prime minister David Cameron is soaking up the Spanish sun.

The politician jetted off to Mallorca with his wife Samantha as soon as the closing ceremony of the London Olympics had finished.

The couple were pictured enjoying a relaxing coffee to kick off their holiday.

But while Cameron remembered to tip his waitress this year, unlike in his holiday to Italy last year, he showed he is still clueless when it comes to fashion.

He donned a crumpled blue shirt, jeans and formal work shoes in a get up that is almost identical to his outfit on the family break in Italy 12 months ago.

Meanwhile Deputy Nick Clegg has also opted to spend his summer in Spain and has headed to Valladolid with Spanish wife Miriam.

With both the prime minister and deputy prime minister on holiday, William Hague will take charge of the day-to-day running of the country.

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  1. Their Spanish Sun Tans will probably be the most “positive achievement” of their incompetent administration. How UK residents put up with their rising taxes, unemployment, benefit cheats, poor NHS service, negligable Court sentences, loss of sovereignty to EU fat-cats… with a clear lack of representation is beyond me.

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