GIBRALTAR government is set to boost anti-terror laws following the recent arrest of three Al-Qaeda suspects accused of plotting a terrorist attack on the Rock.

The tough new measures would include allowing police to tap the phones of terror suspects and increasing the amount of time they can be detained without charge.

Senior officials on the Rock are said to consider the current legislation ‘inadequate’ and have called for the laws to be updated to bring Gibraltar in line with other EU countries.

Current anti-terror laws are governed by three pieces of legislation, the Terrorism Act 2005, Counter Terrorism Act 2010 and Terrorism Asset Freezing 2011.

But any new measures would need to be approved by Home Secretary Theresa May before being brought into force in Gibraltar.

“Government is currently reviewing terrorism-related legislation to consider what improvements if any should be made,” said Minister for Justice Gilbert Licudi.

“We are constantly vigilant on all matters concerning terrorism and are committed to take all necessary measures to ensure la enforcement agencies have the resources that they need for this.”

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