AN eye-wateringly expensive portrait of an ex-minister will now be painted for free, the artist has promised.

Antonio Lopez was commissioned in 2010 to paint an official portrait of former public works minister Francisco Alvarez-Cascos.

But since Lopez set his fee at a rather extortionate €190,000 – almost double the most that has ever been paid for such a portrait – the government has, understandably, been trying to wriggle out of the contract.

Now Lopez, a long-standing friend of Alvarez-Cascos, has said he will waive his fee if it comes to it.

“I’ll paint it anyway, and if I’m not paid he can have it as a present,” he said.

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  1. I agree with Ivan… and Stefanjo makes a point too. These things are nothing more than personal EGO SATISFACTION..”to be remembered” I suggest since it’s for the Minister’s PERSONAL benefit – they pay for it themselves if there is any cost. Alternatively as a professional photographer, I’d do a photo sitting and give a natural likeness on an 18″ x 24″ color print for 2500 euros.

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