SKATEBOARDERS and roller skaters are facing fines of up to €15,000 after both sports were banned by killjoys in Torremolinos.

The ban was introduced after complaints from locals and holidaymakers who claim the sports were causing a nuisance and were a danger to pedestrians.

Skaters will face a sliding scale of fines says Mayor Pedro Fernandez Montes.

“We have been getting lots of complaints that some of those practicing skating are misusing this activity.

“It has resulted in unease among people walking or passing through various areas alone or with children.

“They are also causing damage to pavements, stairs and railings,” he added.

Skaters will be fined at least €600 if caught using parks but will face much higher fines if they ‘deliberately impede’ pedestrians or vehicles. Skating is only permitted at the purpose-built park at the Villa Deportiva.


  1. Interesting idea to FINE Skateboarders up to 15.000 euros.
    Under 15 years of age, they can’t/won’t pay even any Fine.
    From 16-25, they are UNemployed so have no $$ to pay any fine
    From 26-55, they will ONLY pay some fine if sued in Court and are children of Aristocrats or Public Officials.
    Over 56 years of age, they’ll DIE BEFORE the Court Hearing.
    Suggestion to Police – focus on those skateboarders 26-55 !!

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