BRITISH rock legend Rick Parfitt has admitted he thought there was something ‘not right’ about Jimmy Savile.

The 64-year-old Status Quo guitarist, who lives in Alhaurin, appeared 106 times on Top of the Pops, including many times while Savile – now exposed as a dangerous paedophile – presented the show.

When asked whether he was surprised by the revelations against Savile, Parfitt said: “No, because a lot of us, like everybody else, we all kind of knew.

“We were all kind of suspicious of Jimmy Savile.

“We all felt, ‘there’s something not right there’.

“But we didn’t know what, and it was kind of in the back of our minds.

“But you could never quite suss him out.”

He adds: “There were loads of little birds about at Top of the Pops, of course there were.

“What used to happen upstairs in the upper echelons where Savile and the other DJs were – well, I never, ever knew where their dressing rooms were.”


  1. Everyone in the word knew in their heart of hearts something was not quite right with Jimmy Savile but that was in a different era when there wasn’t the support for victims of his well concealed filth. How can you possibly lay any blame towards Rick Parfit and all the others “who knew” at the time for not saying anything. There is a big difference between knowing in their hearts and having
    indisputable hard evidence.

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