27 Nov, 2012 @ 08:00
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Menopausal women in Spain choose natural remedies over drugs

Soledad Gimenez

By Eloise Horsfield

MORE and more Spanish women are shunning conventional drugs in favour of natural therapies to treat menopause symptoms.

According to figures released by the Spanish Association of Menopause Study (AEEM), 40% of menopausal women are now choosing non-chemical treatments.

The menopause, when a woman’s body stops producing the sex hormone oestrogen, can begin as early as the age of 45 and typically cause mood swings, hot flushes, and deterioration in skin quality due to collagen loss.

The AEEM is working to promote natural treatments, which are made from organic materials but imitate the effects of oestrogen, following an increase in the number of studies which prove they are safe and effective.

“Along with conventional medicine there are safe and effective therapies which are completely natural,” said singer Soledad Gimenez, 49, who works to improve the public’s perception of older women.


Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Hi Stefanjo. I am unsure about what you mean by ‘use the real thing’. Oestrogen is a hormone that a woman’s body creates during the time she is able to reproduce. She no longer produces it once she has reached the age of menopause.

    Natural remedies that mimic oestrogen can therefore be useful for menopausal women as they ease symptoms associated with producing less oestrogen, such as mood swings, hot flushes and collagen loss.

  2. Eloise: By “use the real thing” I mean just that. Oestrogen is a hormone that chemists produce as a matter of course. It is widely used in medicine, I know someone who has had it prescribed as part of his treatment for prostate cancer. Many women already use it for the symptoms you describe. I repeat, Why not just use the real thing? Why give credibility to alternatives that may not work, when we already have the “real thing”?

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