By Kathryn Richardson

TRAGEDY struck Gibraltar yesterday after a couple died in a motorbike accident.

Off-duty police officers, Jenzen Santos, 42, and Josephine Guiling, 34, were enjoying a day out with friends when the motorbike they were travelling on had a blow-out and collided with an oncoming lorry.

Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

The couple both served with the Royal Gibraltar Police and had five children between them.

A Gibraltar government spokesman said: “It’s a real tragedy and has upset many people. We really feel for the children.”

The accident happened on the most dangerous road in Malaga Province between Ronda and San Pedro de Alcantara.

Their funeral will take place in St Theresa’s Church at 3pm today.


  1. It is unwise to implicate that particular road, or any road for that matter.

    Ass the article says “the motorbike they were travelling on had a blow-out and collided with an oncoming lorry.” That could have happened anywhere.

    My thoughts are with the bereaved.

  2. A beloved cousin,your in my thoughts and in my heart and you always will be.
    Your were popular and very much loved, part of me has died like a star but like a star it shines bright and you will always be remembered.
    From all the family with much love XXX

  3. I agree it was very sad. I would also like to point out that the accident happened in mid-week and not at the weekend.

    Yes, it was very sad for all affected by the accident. It must have been horrifying for the motorcyclists when the tyre blew out.

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