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Bull ban for San Sebastian

San Sebastian bull fighting

BULLFIGHTING could become a thing of the past in one of its traditional heartlands after San Sebastian took the first step to ban the age-old tradition.

The ruling Basque nationalist party Bildu will refuse all licence applications for bullfights in the city from next year.

New conditions for hire of the city’s publicly-owned bullring stipulate that it ‘cannot be used for events involving animal cruelty’.

The city insists that the ring be used to promote a range of music, sports, artistic and cultural events, but “expressly prohibit activities that involve any form of cruelty to animals”.

The city has a long tradition of bullfighting and nearby Pamplona has the world’s most famous bull run and a celebrated passion for the art.


  1. Sweet? You must go back to your country, ban your art and traditions THERE, not here, in my country. Spain had this tradition for thousands of years and it represents part of our people, the colour of our culture, its art and diversity. Why the f~ck do westeners have to intervene and destroy foreign cultures? Withut bullfighting, Spain becomes tasteless. Besides, millions were traveling to Spain just to see the bullfight. It is an incorrect measure what is happening with the bullfight ban. It’s a sabotage done by ethical ‘western’ countries. Go back to your neo-collonialism and leave our culture alone. Spain must be authentic. We will protect our culture from mean sabotage from outside.

  2. stefanjo and Fred, you try to be smart but I’m afraid you’re not – why not go back to your countries, you immigrants. Since British came to Spain, they caused only just trouble, through pathetic ONGs. Bullfight is authentic Spanish tradition. Go back to your slave mastering country, you are not welcome in Spain.

  3. Julia. We did not ban anything, this region of spain has decided to ban it themselves. As for causing trouble, do you actually read the news about how your politicians have destroyed your country with greed and corruption spanning decades?

    And we know we are not welcome in Spain lol. You’re telling me that? lol.

  4. Being a foreigner living in Spain I feel that I have no real say in the customs and traditions of the Spanish. I quietly agree with the decision that licenses will not be issued.

    Expats need to heed caution when criticising the cultures of their chosen countries.

  5. “Being a foreigner living in Spain I feel that I have no real say in the customs and traditions of the Spanish”

    Not only that Kusty, you can’t vote on national issues either, so have no say in how the country is run even though you might be working, residing and paying taxes in Spain. Don’t you just love democracy in Spain?

  6. Fred, same thing applies in the UK. Go back to your country and vote there. Stop promoting hate among us, please. You British are not welcome in Spain anymore. Bullfight is Spanish tradition. Good bye now.

  7. Pedro: Julia: Marcos: Why do you not read the article before you post? This ban against bullfighting is made by your OWN people. Some will be glad some will be sad, but it’s nothing to do with los extranjeros.

  8. @Pedros Valdez/Marcos/Julia, take up your argument with your own people. They banned this, not us. Funny how the British are welcome when they were purchasing houses and contributing to the economy of Spain, but not when they have a differing opinion.

  9. Get lost, extranjeros ! This is Spain !!!
    Go back to your greedy and boring country UK. Bullfight is Spanish traditional sport. It is OUR culture. Go home !!!

  10. stefanjo/Fred,
    Fillipo has told you – you are greedy – all that money you soaked from wealthy Spain for all these decades – it’s disgusting – are’nt you ashamed of yourselves.

    Not only that, you squanderd it all on useless ego trips, like airports that will never see a plane. 1.3 million crap built apartments and houses that would never get planning consents in impeccable Spain. 80% of all €500 notes in brown envelopes swilling around the UK. 30% unemployment and you expect highly productive Spain to pay for it all.

    Disgusting, simply disgusting I say – yes you should go home and leave them to enjoy the wonderful art of bullfighting – introduced by the Romans.

    I have to say though that I can’t think of a single important scientific idea that they have created – wait a minute that can’t be right – Spain is lider mundial in everything.

    I’m sure that irony is an alien concept but I did’nt write it for Spanish consumption.

    Fillipo – I left and not before time, now I live in a country where no one tries to sell me land that will never get planning consents. Where food is’nt laced with banned chemicals. Where the mayors are honest and it has the best road systems – Autoroutes/route nationals/routes departmental and a wonderful maze of minor roads in Europe – ever wonder why the totally inferior Spanish equivalent of the Tour de France has to use Autoroutes and Nationals – because Spain does’nt have any other roads.

    You have seen the comments by the Spanish – they have nowhere left to turn and they most certainly are’nt going to blame themselves for the disaster they find themselves in – extranjeros, cuidado, much cuidado.

  11. Who you are trying to fool Stuar little? you get the irony?

    Check this 2 sites and stop trolling


    “The Spanish motorway network is the fourth largest in the world by length, after the United States, China and Canada”

    And as for the High Speed raiways, Spain is only second to Japan in the whole world…

  12. It might be a long network in Spain, but it ain’t motorways, it’s a long stretch of dual carriageways, with narrow lanes. Not much in the way of hard shoulders either. High speed railways? High-speed white elephants.

  13. and as for bullfighting being a culture just because this accepted animal torturing has been passed down from generation to generation in Spain.. I hope all the sicko supporters get skewered just like their poor bulls!

    Olé idiots!

    Let’s hope this bill gets passed all over Spain!

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