7 May, 2013 @ 08:30
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Doctor ‘stole baby’ in Cadiz

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A DOCTOR has been accused of stealing a newborn baby 31 years ago.

The Cadiz medic is facing prison over claims that he took a child born at the Puerta del Mar hospital.

It comes after a local mother was given the right to a court appeal over her baby boy who she was told had died after a complicated caesarean birth.

Prudencua Gomez was told the child had died from a heart problem while the father was told that the boy had lost his life due to complications with the umbilical cord.

Additionally, Gomez claims the medical report of the birth also contains inaccuracies.

“The report shows that I had a horizontal cesarean, but my scar is vertical,” added the mother.

Gomez believes the contradictions indicate that the doctor stole the newborn, but the complaint she filed to the Provincial Court last year was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Now, with backing from action group Stolen Babies SOS, the case has been reopened.

The doctor implicated will not be named until charged.

He claims not to remember any contradictions within the report.

“It is a fundamental step to clarify whether doctors, midwives and nurses were able to participate in the plot,” said Stolen Babies SOS president Chari Herrera.

The group also claims that Cadiz town hall is blocking an exhumation of the baby’s body.


  1. That’s great! putting the country (where you live?) down because of this ‘story’.

    You’re all part of the brick wall that people have to fight against if this country is ever going to turn itself around. You’re part of the problem.

    Be a part of the solution! as in THINK a little maybe…

  2. In my country there was never a systematic stealing of other peoples children. Even in the outskirts (like Ireland) they finally admitted to their sins and tried to make amends.
    Its about time Spain faced up to its horrendous past, and confessed to the child stealing, the mass murders, the oppression, the support of dictators, and the blatent desire to be part of the corrupt…

    And i’ll put down any country or scheme no matter where or who is involved if it sucks!! (culture difference?)

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