15 May, 2013 @ 13:49
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La Linea cops use own cars to attend crime scenes

la linea police

POLICE in La Linea are resorting to attending crime scenes in their own cars, because of the dire lack of public funding.

The local police officers are mostly patrolling the town on foot and have even attended crime scenes on the bus.

It comes as it emerged that the town hall has just one police car available, while the majority of staff have not been paid for eight months.

The problems came to a head last week when local police attended a fight in Princess Sofia Park after being alerted by passers-by.

The affray was so out of control that the officers called for support.

But back up arrived in private cars as no other vehicles were available.

“We had to go immediately as we were concerned something fatal might happen if we walked ,” explained one officer.

The PSOE-PA run town hall has been promising two new cars for six months, claims a representative for the local police trade union.

Luis Santamaria, representative of the La Linea Local Police Union (SPLL) explained. “Our police are demonstrating remarkable professionalism and the risks they’re experiencing are unacceptable, as is the risk to our residents.
“We’re asking the government to take urgent steps to end the problem.”

He continued, “We’ve been waiting over six months for resources that haven’t materialised, despite announcements from mayor Gemma Araujo about several new cars that we still haven’t seen. It’s a total neglect of political duty.”

Meanwhile Araujo has promised full co-operation to ombudsman, Soledad Becerril over an official investigation into the town’s dire financial situation.


  1. Well thats what happens when the Govt in Spain print money for a future that was never real .and the banks loan everyone lots of cash prompted by the Spanish Govt .thats the end result no police wages and no cars for them to drive ,shame on the Spanish Govt.

  2. 8 months without wages, I take it the on the spot fine is something to watch out for. Could be both good and bad depending what your business is that border town.

    Definatly dont Park in any controlled zone if you are on a foreign plate.

    The last chief of police Mr Quiros got kicked up country (rusticated) for stealing 80,000 Euros from the parking fines kitty, maybe he is back. I hope this is being used these days to keep the thin blue line from disappearing in La Linea. Some how I doubt it.

  3. Nothing new.
    I’m a cop of 24 years. I use my own car every day. Organisation happy to pay mileage expenses as its cheaper that financing a car plus running costs.

    City cops use the bus all the time – no problem if its not an emergency. The bus drivers and law abiding citizens appreciate it.

    Can’t believe something’s being made of cops patrolling on foot – folk would love that in the UK!

    I don’t know how big this place is but it looks like they’ve got a good system running.

    But staff not paid for 8 months. Sounds a bit tall for my liking.

  4. Bobbies on the beat! What a great idea. The U.K. as daftbil says, would love this. Can’t believe the administration aren’t taking care of their attack dogs with pay though. Aren’t they likely to turn on their masters?

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