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Maurice Boland’s iTalk FM off air

italk fm

MAURICE Boland’s iTalk FM has stopped broadcasting as the station’s boss plans a ‘new and pioneering concept for radio in Spain’.

Boland has told his listeners that his ‘innovative idea’ should be ready by the end of August – but doesn’t go into any more detail.

On his Facebook page he posted a photograph of an empty broadcasting studio.

He added that the hard-working crew will enjoy ‘a well earned rest during the few weeks ahead’.

Only recently iTalk boss Maurice Boland threatened to sue David ‘The Dogman’ Klein, after he announced that Boland’s station was off air.

Boland has said that despite rumours circulating on the internet he has ‘no plans as yet to leave Spain’.

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  1. Boland has shut down the station as we all predicted yet he still calls us cynics! He states he plans a pioneering innovative concept for radio in Spain. That’s many adjectives strung together but what exactly can he mean? A radio station that actually focuses on local content maybe! He lost his FM frequency so he can only be talking of internet radio, and what’s so new and ground-breaking about that exactly? You don’t just shut down a radio station and say you’ll be back soon, that’s total credibility lost to start with. Will we ever see the station back on air? As a professional radio station I doubt it. Nothing has come to pass that we haven’t all predicted from the outset.

  2. Maurice Boland has done much for many good causes, isn’t is amazing how people love to cling on to anything that can be gossiped about. As if no-one ever makes mistakes. Who are any of these critics to sit in judgement?

  3. Its unlikely that any of ITalks ex presenters will be enjoying a “well earned rest” as they have just allegedly spent eighteen months without pay keeping Bolands ego afloat.As for any “innovative concept” this man has only ever brought his vanity to the airwaves(and only when other peoples money has made it possible) and now another set of investors are left counting the cost.Its unlikely that there will be any others.As I have said before,Boland would never have got past reception in even the smallest station in the UK except to take the rubbish out.

  4. I think this Barry Mitchel bloke is very cynical and bitter for some reason. Maybe you always wanted to be a radio dj but either never had the opportunity of the ability to do it. who knows!

  5. Hi Mike H.I have to admit that being involved with Boland over the years has certainly had a negative affect on me! And you are right,I DID want to be a radio dj but once Boland spoofed his way on air (and I had to train him) he then decided he had ALWAYS been in broadcasting and everyone else had a lot to learn from him,particularly me.Lets not forget that this is the man who sacked Russ Kane,Emperor Rosko,Clement Freud,David Hamilton,Tony Blackburn,Richie Allen….I mean,what do they know about radio? Boland should now do something useful and write a book on “How to mismanage a radio station” and follow up with “How to interview yourself daily”. He might as well,he has nowhere else to go now.

  6. Ask his investors, his presenters, his charity volunteers, his wife and then determine who can be trusted. That’s the point here. I don’t actually care about his radio station, not many here even know it exists as it’s not even advertised anywhere whatsoever. What does concern most people is the way he misleads the public, especially where local charities are concerned. He raised money for the victims of the fire last August and not one person received one cent! That’s not right and for one I will continue to voice my view on that!

  7. Maurice Boland I am not a friend of yours on Facebook but have several friends who are. If you want to debate any of the issues with me then you’ll just have to come here to do so! Let’s see who the coward is here shall we?

  8. From the comments above it is clear that there are people who love Maurice Boland and others who, for what ever reason, want to see him hurt. That is a fact of life for anyone who is in the public spotlight.
    Nevertheless, I am an investor in iTalkfm and have no issues with him. Furthermore, our presenters have no issues with him to my knowledge and, most importantly, his wife, who I know well, has no issues with him either.
    When it involves trust – in this case with money – it becomes a question of what is true and what is pure conjecture. I was heavily involved in the Fire Aid Concert last autumn and was very proud to be associated with it. The concert was put on to raise money for the Red Cross in Malaga and many acts gave freely of their time. As organisers we could not have known each and every victim of the fire so we decided to donate the funds raised, more than 20,000 euros, to the Red Cross, an organisation that has expertise in prioritising victims´ needs and a distribution network that we could not match. If anyone wants to know where the money went, I am sure the Red Cross in Malaga will be only too happy to confirm firstly, that they received the funds raised and secondly, distributed the amount to the best of their ability. I am certain that there are many people who received nothing but that is always the case in such circumstances. If anyone wants to know why, please ask the Red Cross.

  9. I personally know investors into iTalk and his last radio station and I have never heard them say a bad word against Maurice, in fact only a few weeks ago we all had dinner in one of their homes. Maurice’s wife was there and she seemed very happy. I also was a volunteer on Fire Aid and all the volunteers seemed very happy with Maurice…So why are you lying???? I don’t think it takes a lot to work it out

  10. Funny how Boland gets his associates to defend him yet he doesn’t have the nerve himself.

    As I did, why not speak to the investors, presenters, charity workers that are far from happy. Are you saying they all tell lies yet you the truth? Facts are facts!

    The Fire Aid fiasco has been covered many times, and no not one cent went to the victims even though raising funds for them was the purpose of the event and which Boland promised. And you believe all the volunteers were happy. Well, I have seen the email sent to Boland from a large group of those volunteers who were again far from happy. Perhaps that email should be published now.

  11. The money raised last August was duly distributed and a cheque for £18,071 was presented to the Red Cross. Printed certification verifies this but one’s own research can provide any of these answers. Monies were never intended to be given to victims as usually one would be insured for this type of damage and one can imagine the tales that would be flying around if individuals had been handed funds. The funds raised were to recognize, appreciate & honor the bravery and fine work of those organizations mentioned who were to my personal knowledge all paid the monies that were due.
    It is most unfair for those who bear personal grudges to use these situations as tools to manifest their venom.

  12. “Empty vessels make the most noise”. This organ has publicised well the reasons why small radio stations have had to give up the fight, iTalk was not the first. One should not confuse the thoughts of a few bitter people with the silent majority who either do not care, (usually a wise position), or who have no axe to grind at all. For the record, as an investor, I have no axe to grind. Of course I’m not happy the station has closed, but neither am I apportioning blame. Many people took iTalks “shilling” and were happy to do so, and I am not aware of any salaried presenter who did not get paid. In life things don’t always work out the way we want them to, it doesn’t have to mean its someone else’s fault. There are some people who have to blame others for their own inadequacies, those that can, do, those that can’t like to whinge about it. Such is life.

  13. Not a cent of the concert money went to the people affected by the fires, end of! Boland repeatedly stated that the money was ‘to help those people affected by the fires and who lost their homes’. No one is talking about cash payments to individuals, but it could have at least gone on projects to help those who did in fact loose their homes, which is what everyone expected, not for over €18,000 to replenish Red Cross supplies, however worthy that might be. Boland only changed where the proceeds were going after the funds had been raised. I cannot understand why anyone thinks what happened is remotely right. Whichever way you look at it the public were deceived and the funds misappropriated. These facts are clear for all to see!

    For the record I have no association with anyone who has any blog. I speak for myself. We might have the same opinions but that’s it. My aim has only ever been for the truth to be exposed and that this man Boland is not to be trusted.

  14. The TRUTH Brian! Are you taking the Michael? You say you’ve spoken to the investors, That’s a lie. Both the inventories John Church and David Jelley have stated clearly on this page that neither of them has an issue with Maurice or their investment.. Myself and David Jelly know Maurice’s wife and she has no issues. Yet again another lie. You say the staff that were due to be paid hadn’t been paid, another lie. You say the money from the Red Cross didn’t go directly to the 90 people directly affected by the Fire That would have been impossible, Marbella, Mijas and Coin’s Red Cross outposts saw emergency medicines used during the fires replaced. You’ve even admitted your name is a lie. Brian this is my last word on this matter I think the readers can now make up their own minds who’s telling the truth. I think i know who I would trust.

  15. “Brian” said, “My aim has only ever been for the truth to be exposed”. I am not aware the truth has ever been hidden, its been clearly stated in several posts here and many times before, YOU might not agree with it, that’s your right, but nobody has EVER hidden where the money went have they?

  16. It’s very funny that Boland only wants to comment on this and other blogs within the safety of his own Facebook. The truth is, there is no denying the facts!

  17. Try to bluff your way out of corner but the money DID NOT go to the victims of the fire and Boland DID NOT make it clear that it would not until AFTER the concert. FACT!

  18. @Brian – don’t know what your beef is although clearly personal, but you’re ostracizing yourself from the facts presented and not taking any of it in!
    It’s getting boring reading the negative, unsubstantiated & evasive posts, bordering on libel if you get my gist.

  19. Perhaps Brian would like to show everyone how to raise money for charity by organising an event himself and, of course, making all the accounts public. Off you go, Brian. If it´s for a good cause we will all support you.

  20. @Midnight – I have taken the time to research this matter in depth over the past 12 months and are fully aware of the facts of which it appears you are not. What I have stated with regard the Fire concert is factually correct.

  21. Back@Brian – you refer to investors – they respond – you argue their word. It seems apparent that even validation from the horses mouths does little to
    pacify this vendetta. Would it be right to assume that you are one of these victims?

  22. @Midnight – I have satisfied myself of the facts. If other people do not wish to confirm those facts publicity then that’s their decision. As I have repeatedly stated, my comments about the Fire Aid Fiasco ARE fact.

  23. There is an upside to all this.Its unlikely that Boland will be hosting a “Young Talent” show any time soon and I suspect any hopes he may have had about fronting any charity concerts have…er…gone up in smoke?

  24. I am the UK broadcaster cousin of Maurice Boland and I’ll defend him.

    Everyone makes mistakes in life and I’ve made a few myself but one thing I’ll say about Maurice is he is a survivor, he’ll battle on and he will be okay…

    There are lots of cynical comments on here from people who may have had a problem at some stage, who unprofessionally air their grievances publicly. Radio is a small business it does people no favours going forward by publicly slating someone, so keep your comments to yourself. this is a classic case of character assasination

    He has done a lot of good for charity and the italk station was innovative with some good stuff on it.

    if it didn’t work out for some of you, its cos you’re not good enough!

  25. David Baker,since you suddenly appear as the “UK broadcaster cousin” of Boland I find it interesting that in my 20 years association with him you have never been introduced or even mentioned by him.Why? As for your comment “if it didnt work out for you,its cos your not good enough” its laughable. Bolands only radio experience has been airtime that had to be bought after many failed attempts to get offered a show.Ever since he has always been phased by those presenters who had real broadcasting experience in the UK ,as well as Spain, so once he had power they have all left one by one with no fond farewells so whats the real common denominator here? A lot of people have not just suddenly decided to have a go at Boland.Its been simmering for years and now its coming to the boil I guess.Now,you have got to earn that sort of attention in some way havent you? Oh,and who are you really?

  26. So where is this long anticipated return of Boland’s initiative new radio station? 6 weeks or so since italk stopped broadcasting and not a peep! Nothing on website or Facebook whatsoever. The website doesn’t even say he’s stopped broadcasting. Is it safe to say we won’t be hearing from him again!

  27. And exactly what’s he done to deserve this? As posted by Nicole King. . Red Cross Málaga 2013 Award Ceremony to be held in MarbellaOur very own Maurice Boland is to receive one of the Red Cross’ most prestigious awards, the Bronze Medal, in recognition of his continued support of the Red Cross Málaga and other charities throughout his career on the Costa del Sol.Those of us who know Maurice recognise not only his incomparable talent as a radio presenter (interviewer) and entrepreneur but also his gift for fundraising and the help that this has provided to so many of those in need.The official Award ceremony will be held this year at the Palacio de Congresos in Marbella this coming Tuesday, 22nd october 2013 at 6pm in the Salon Azul.Congratulations to Maurice and to all the other worthy recipients of this year’s Red Cross distinctions.

  28. Mr Boland believes I am being ignored according to recent Facebook posts. Let us see because I have written to the public prosecutor seeking investigation into his charitable activities and in particular why 18000 raised for the victims of the fires and specifically those who lost their homes saw them not get one cent. I am fed up of this nonsense so let the law make due or should I say overdue judgement.

  29. Copied from another source. Tomie, as you know I did a great deal of research about the fire aid concert monies and I spoke to many of the volunteers, organisers and singers as well as The Red Cross in the weeks after the event.Due to, let’s call it, the current situation, it would not be wise for me to discuss any possible alleged illegalities by any party.However, I will clarify certain facts relating to the timeline of what occurred in the 7 days leading up to the concert and subsequently.

    1) Boland decided on day one that the money would go to the Red Cross.

    2) ALL the advertising posters and press releases BEFORE the concert stated it was to help “those people affected by the fires and those who lost their homes”.

    3) On the Thursday before the concert which was on the following Monday, he met with The Red Cross who advised him that although the money would be specifically spent in the areas affected by the fires it would NOT be going to “those people affected by the fires and those who lost their homes”.

    4) Boland stated subsequent to the concert that he did announce on that Thursday that the monies would no longer be going to those who lost their homes. However, he states this was on a Facebook post, which later he could not locate. During that week before the concert several press releases were sent out, in English, Spanish, German, Russian and Dutch. But NO press release was sent out regarding this change of where the money was going.

    5) Therefore, all the volunteers, the other organisers, the entertainers, the audience and all those affected by the fires and who lost their homes ALL thought BEFORE the concert that they knew where the money was going.

    6) It was NOT until AFTER the concert that another press release went out where the wording had changed to “helping those areas affected by fires” and no longer “those people affected and who lost their homes”

    7) The volunteer group and entertainers were all disgusted at this turn of events and wrote to Boland to say so! I have a copy of that correspondence where it stated they believed he “was now on a personal crusade with fire aid as his batten” no doubt in an attempt to regain his failed popularity.

    8) You should note that none of the main volunteers were present at the presentation of the “oversized” cheque that was presented to the Red Cross. One volunteer even commented to me that he paid for that cheque out of the proceeds from the concert.

    9) Several weeks after the concert Boland alone met with The Red Cross and with them agreed where the money was to be spent. This was unilaterally and not with his volunteer group of organisers. It was even suggested that all €18k was spent on baby food. In the end he agreed that it would be spent on replenishing Red Cross supplies.

    10) In conclusion, Boland advertised an event in aid of those who lost their homes and affected by the fires. Everyone involved before the concert believed that to be the case and did not find out otherwise until after the event. On the Thursday before the concert Boland could have insisted to The Red Cross where the money was to be spent otherwise not given it to them. While replenishing supplies is a worthy cause this is not why the event occurred or was supported in the great numbers that it was. No one ever suggested that the funds should be distributed in cash, but everyone did expect it at least be spent on projects or supplies to help those who had lost their homes in the immediate aftermath of the fires. Those people never received a cent´s worth of help, yet Boland gets not one but two awards from The Red Cross. It is nothing less than disgusting and why anyone supports him neither I nor many others can even start to fathom. He had every opportunity to deal with this appropriately yet chose not to. Two interesting comments were made by one of the PR volunteers. Firstly, when they sent out the press releases many media organisations would not include his name in any promotion of the event and secondly, Boland went ballistic when his name was also not mentioned in the newspaper and magazine reviews of the event. I believe that gives every indication that this whole thing was and continues to be more about Boland and his ego and nothing whatsoever to do with those people who lost their homes. The volunteers and entertainers all took part in good faith and can see no wrong doing on their part. It is a last point of note that Boland has not once mentioned or thanked a single one of them.


  30. Go to this page to see Boland collecting his medal from The Red Cross “www.facebook.com/delegaciondebienestar.marbella” why he deserves a medal is anyone’s guess. Well actually he raised over 18,000 euros for the victims of the fires but instead gave it to the Red Cross to replenish their supplies, so of course they are going to be grateful and give him a medal. Not a cents worth of assistance to those who did lose their homes and not one iota of thanks to those who actually did organise and participate in the event that raised the money. It’s a total disgrace and Boland who I am certain is proud as a peacock should actually be utterly ashamed.

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