DRIVERS who fail to wear sun cream while in the car could be putting themselves at risk of cancer, according to a study.

Researchers found that only 15% of people used sun cream while driving.

But the figure rose to 38% when asked whether they wore cream outside.

The study, by researchers in the US, found that two thirds of respondents didn’t think wearing sun cream in the car was necessary.

Although glass blocks sunburn-causing UVB rays, the cancer-causing UVA rays can still penetrate through car windows.

“Because such a large proportion of a person’s cumulative sun exposure occurs while in a vehicle, car-related UVA exposure is a considerable public health
concern,” said researcher Dr. Dennis Kim.

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  1. “A STUDY”? A lot of scientific studies also show that sunscreenlotions are the reason for the rise in skincancers.
    Since L oreal launched the anti-sun campaign in 1978… everyvbody started to use protection, and skincancers has been up a lot since then.

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