3 Sep, 2013 @ 15:04
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Two dead in Sevilla road accident

acidente juan pablo fallecidos

AN accident in Sevilla has left two dead.

The 40-year-old driver of a Honda 250cc motorbike was killed after a collision with a pensioner who stepped into his path.

The 80-year-old was taken away by ambulance but died later at the hospital.

Police are investigating whether the motorist ran a red light at Avenida Juan Pablo II or the pedestrian was crossing the street when he shouldn’t have been.


  1. After several years seeing how Spanish pedestrians cross the roads in and out of the “zebra crosswalks”, without their looking for oncoming cars,I’m AMAZED there are not more Spanish pedestrians run over & killed. Crossing outside the “zebra”, talking on their Mobile tele while crossing, crossing withOUT looking for safe passage, etc. Such actions of pedestrians think they are “in the right”, … but they may be dead too.
    No “satisfaction” there!!

  2. Be nice if they the writer of this article used the correct terminology – a motorcyclist is not a driver but a rider, neither are they a motorist.

    Pedestrians pale into insignificance compared to motorists and motorcyclists – what is a red light – something pretty to look at whilst going through one. Riding 3 up on motos and obligatory NOT to wear a crash helmet, drink driving – normal, seat belts rarely used and never on buses when fitted with the same.

    Having said all this, a walker,cyclist or horse rider get far more consideration from motorists than back in the UK – go figure.

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