If I stop exercising will my muscle turn to fat?
Muscle and fat are completely different; therefore it is impossible for muscle to turn to fat, or fat to turn to muscle! You can remove fat from your body by changing your nutrition habits and including more exercise. And of course your muscles will grow and become more toned, when you perform resistance style exercises, like we do in the Beach Body Yoga class.

If I want to lose fat on my stomach and look great in my bikini, shall I do sit ups?
This idea originates from the idea that we can ‘spot reduce fat’ from one area of the body. Unfortunately, this is not the case; body fat will come off from any area. It’s a little bit of pot luck if I am to be hundred percent honest with you. Abdominal training or ‘core training’ as it is often referred to nowadays is extremely important, as it will develop strength around the core (the centre of your body) and also help protect your lower back. It will of course tone and firm the muscles in your core that may be hidden underneath a layer of fat, so once you burn off the fat you will see them!

So what kind of exercises shall I include in my ‘core training’, which will be more effective than regular sit ups?
The exercises we complete in Yoga work really well on firming and shaping your core and I also have loads of free exercises on my You Tube Channel ‘Lisa Marie Method™’, some you do not require any equipment for either.

For any exercise facts contact Lisa Marie via www.lisamariemethod.com

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