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Suspected sidekick arrested in Puerto Banus gym

BANGED UP: Dale Cregan

A BRITISH man has been arrested at Puerto Banus gym on suspicion of assisting imprisoned police killer Dale Cregan.

41-year old Liverpudlian Marvin Herbert was held on a European Arrest Warrant yesterday.

He is believed to assisted Dale Cregan in the muders of father and son David and Mark Short last year.

Cregan, 30, killed Mark Short in a Manchester pub on May 25 last year, while his father was in the toilet.

He and fellow killer Anthony Wilkinson subsequently shot David Short outside his house in Clayton, Manchester on August 10.

Cregan was on the run for 39 days and then killed two unarmed officers on September 18 after luring them to a house in Hattersley, Greater Manchester, with a hoax call.

He gunned them down before throwing a grenade at them.

Two other men have been charged with helping Cregan. They have been remanded in custody and are due to appear at Manchester Crown Court on September 25.

Cregan was jailed for life at Preston Crown Court in June, and has since been moved to maximum security AshworthHospital due to his behaviour.


Claire Wilson

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  1. “A BRITISH man has been arrested at Puerto Banus”

    We can read John. We know that this crime was not committed in Spain, but Cregan’s associate was in Banus. It seems a lot of undesirables flock to Banus.

    The OP needs to add photo captions, because the photo implies this is the man apprehended, when it is not.

  2. Not misguided at all, whilst the original crime was in UK, it’s where his assistant fled to BANUS, that’s key, as Fred says. The recent bottlings were crimes committed in tacky Banus which has gone downhill since it’s heyday.

  3. If you think Banus is bad FRED and Paul go to most UK cities any night of the week and see whats going on in there pubs and clubs. Banus crime rate is very low compared.

  4. Ian, Banus is not a City, can’t compare with such, for such a small place it’s crime and tacky side is high. Try Malaga and Marbella, also read OP’s article on Torrox for burglary rate, could tell you how high that is on certain golf courses in Spain too.

    Let’s not forget the CDS’ clubs and bars for drunken Brits too!

  5. If you all hate it so much here, there are planes you can take from Malaga Airport,none of you ever have positive things to say about the place you live in, so why live here?

  6. Ian, well said though the same attitude is prevalent the world over. Personally my wife and I can’t wait to get on the plane to Mijas Costa for a month this week. We love it here in the UK so have the best of both. Hopefully prospective visitors will see through all this negativity

  7. Why do you go off topic and use histrionics with words like ‘hate’, and ‘none of you ever say anything positive’ it’s nothing to do with that, we commented on the OP article about Banus, you compared it with British cities which is daft. Suspect you may have a vested interest in Banus area perhaps?

    Want something positive, ‘it’s sunnier and warmer in Spain’ feel better now?

  8. No vested interest in Banus no, I live in Spain and it has its problems but I will always be positive about it, people like you that slag it off all the time should not be aloud to enjoy the benefits as you have nothing good to say about the place. All you do is have negative things to say about it. Without the tourist Spain has nothing left at all, so if you guys keep telling people how dangerous it is and how scary Banus is then all the money is gone and you will be forced onto that plane. Negative people are not going to move this place forward.

    If you dont like Banus shut up or get down there a talk to the people that run it and try to make it a better place, have so good input not just slag it off as you have nada better to do. The problem with bottling people fighting etc is global and yes it is terrible but its not Spain’s fault.

    Maybe the alchol industry should sell beer in plastic bottles and clubs should not have glasses, there is a positive thought to make things better. You try have one now.

  9. What planet are you on Ian, what part of topic discussion don’t you understand, off you go again using words like ‘slag’ ‘it off all the time”nada better to do’ (you know nothing about what I do), EXAGGERATION on your part, don’t you get it, it was OP who posted the article and we commented, silly boy? Since when was Banus a city, you compared it? Be positive, don’t be so histrionic, btw Allowed not aloud and not alchol either lol

    John though has a vested interest, has an apartment which he rents out 10 mins from Banus, hardly likely to want to hear negatives about the area.

    Spain has lovely Tapas, would you agree?

  10. Spain does have great tapas, as Paul says, indeed several of my clients run some of the oldest restaurants and tapas bars in Malaga city. Forget Banus and get down to Malaga city is my advice.

  11. Ahem Paul, where do you get your info? I do not live 10 mins from Banus and own rather than rent my property. What wild assumptions you make and Fred, I didn’t say I only live in Spain for a month. As a matter of interest, and to suggest I know more about the life than you imagine, I qualify to pass comment because I live on Mijas Costa for three months a year and have done for for the last 26 years. The local Town Hall, here, is spending vast sums of money to improve the appeal of the area and malcontents like you and Paul are suggesting the rare occurrence of, regrettably, what has become normal street crime is a reason not to come and enjoy everything else that the CDS has to offer. Shame on you
    As to tapas the local towns of Mijas, Las Lagunas, Fuengirola and Marbella have run tapas porte which has resulted in this particular correspondent enjoying approaching 80 different bars in streets most of which I didn’t know existed. In all those bars there was nothing but harmony and good will. I wouldn’t dream of attempting that even where I live in a country town. I feel so much safer on the CDS and can walk out at night. You are maligning a town for having bars and clubs that attract the worst but don’t tar all the town because of isolated incidents. Stay away from nightclubs and alcohol would be better advice
    I don’t particularly like Banus but only because of it’s modernity and lack of charm. I love walking along the paseo from Marbella to Banus and always wander around the harbour in the daytime admiring the craft and joining thousands of people just having a good time
    There so many people trying to etch out a living and employ workers, for you to complain time after time is doing them no favours. Have a reality check and get out from behind your keyboards
    Note I haven’t used inflammatory words unlike some correspondents. Have some decorum, if you can’t contribute with good manners you are part of the problem

  12. Ian OTT again with words like ‘bored miserable dried up old twerps’ now, you have a problem with your accusatory use of words, plain daft!

    Sorry John, I thought you were the same John Simpson (you must have a namesake in the area) owner of a rental property, but resides in a lovely village near Oxford most of the year.

    ‘Malcontents’ ‘inflammatory’ getting a little like Ian there. Have some decorum there and come out from behind your keyboard, don’t tar everyone the same, have some manners too! Shame on you too, some visitors need to be made aware of problems, it’s not all rosy as it’s so often portrayed by many with vested interest.

    Malaga is a good town, better than Marbella, chalk and cheese, more Spanish, less ‘bling’ on show, plenty of good tapas bars. You are wrong in your assumption that I complain ‘all the time’,’complain time after time?’ show me if you wish. Would always choose Malaga over Marbella and Banus the latter is tacky btw, you cannot miss it compared to how it once was. Fred is correct with his post on the City.

  13. Good luck John. You’re saying things we all know, but others like this Fred on here will tell you different for some reason. I gave up. I don’t know why this website allows such berating just for their twisted pleasure. Behind their keyboards indeed.

  14. John, we are talking about Banus. You have again gone off on a tangent to include several towns around the CDS. I definitiely agree about staying away from nightclubs, and I’d go so far to say that I would keep away from Banus, but it’s only my personal opinion. Btw, Banus is a marina. It’s not a town.

    Two people were bottled in the face in the spate of a few weeks. That is not normal street crime. And I live and work in Malaga, so am living in reality thank you very much. I don’t come here for a short holiday, like yourself.

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