THE Spanish senate has voted in favour of legislation that will see bullfighting promoted and protected by the state.

The tradition will now be recognised as cultural heritage and public funds will be used to sustain the industry.

The senate’s decision follows a vote by the congress of deputies in October which also supported the legislation.

It was passed with 144 votes for, 26 against. More than 50 politicians abstained.

Animal rights groups have hit out at the decision, branding it cruel and torturous.

The Love Spain Hate Bullfighting coalition said: “This move to protect bullfighting is a cynical attempt by a desperate bullfighting industry to secure the future of this dying so-called ‘sport’.

Bullfighting is cruel and outdated and has no place in a modern society; culture stops where cruelty starts.”


  1. When unemployment is so high in Spain surely it would be more cost effective for the government to revive and support an earlier cultural event and throw christians to the lions. Starting with the members of parliament.

  2. I’d be happy to continue bull fighting if the odds were levelled. Lets get the horses, the lances and the swords out of there, and have an equal number of bulls and bullfighters in the ring. If the bulls also want to start wearing tight pants and silly hats, that’s O.K. too.

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