THE south of Spain is seeing a flood of immigrants coming in from northern Europe… that is of the feathered kind.

Helen Wallbank, secretary of The Andalucian Bird Society, expects a flock of newly arriving winter birds over the coming weeks, and has warned bird-lovers to keep their eyes peeled.

One bird to look out for is the Black Redstart (pictured). The male is charcoal grey with a black face and a striking russet tale and white flashes on the wings. The female is a uniform grey-brown, but still has the telltale russet tail.

Chiffchaffs – rather smaller than Sparrows – have neat, pointy beaks and pale olive-brown bodies, with a stripe of creamy yellow above the eye. The wings show a few dark brown and green streaks.

Another seasonal arrival the Siskin, which has glorious yellow and black plumage. The male has a distinct black cap. Siskins breed in northern European pine forests, moving about gardens and golf courses, while restlessly picking at seeds.

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