SOME Spanish cities have experienced the wettest start to the year since 1969.

Towns in northern Spain, including the coast, have had rainfall almost every day since January 1.

Until last Sunday, the Galician city of Santiago had had rain every single day. The 41 days of rain even put a dampener on the ancient Catholic pilgrimage, “El Camino de Santiago” or “Way of St. James”.

The Spanish weather agency, AEMET reports that 641 liters per square meter have fallen in Santiago.

La Coruña, also in Galicia, had 39 days of rain in the first 41 days of 2014, while Estaca de Bares and Fisterra, both close by, experienced the same rainy weather, with 40 and 36 wet days respectively.

San Sebastián, also in northern Spain, had it a little better with only 23 days of rain, but had hectic tidal waves and strong winds have battered the coastline.

While Spain is sure to make up for all this wet weather when summer comes along, the number of days of rain so far put the country closer to some of Europe’s other cities. For instance, Bergen in Norway experiences 250 days of rain per year, Glasgow has around 262 and the Irish city of Derry experiences 256.

Time will tell if the rainy conditions are going to continue into the year as the weather forecasters predict more to come in the days ahead.

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