THE man arrested for murdering his partner and child in Sotogrande was found dead in his cell this morning, hours before he was due in court.

The 51-year-old Belgian died in custody in Algeciras, the cause of death is as yet unknown but it is believed to have been from natural causes.

The bodies of a 51-year-old woman and 9-year-old child, also Belgian, were found in the early hours of Wednesday morning by the landlord who was there to collect the keys.

The mother had been beheaded, and the daughter strangled, in what is believed to have been a domestic attack.

The woman’s partner and father of the child was arrested after being found wandering in a nearby street with several cuts on his body.

It is believed the family were renting the property as a holiday home.

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  1. It is really strange that the Spanish Police already can tell within halve a day that the father is the killer. Why was he then still around the house… why not escape or kill himself too… Or he has been using drugs or the killer is still walking around and was perhaps a friend of the family.

  2. Monique,
    your thinking rationally and murder is rarely rational – what effect do you think beheading a partner and strangling your own child would have on you, obviously you have more experience than police officers who sadly deal with events like this on a regular basis.

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