14 Mar, 2014 @ 16:17
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Ryanair flight attendant sacked for eating a sandwich

ryanair lose licence
Grounded: Ryanair

A DECISION by Ryanair to sack a steward who ate a €5.50 sandwich while working has been upheld by Madrid’s city court.

The Madrid-based steward was dismissed in 2011 after he failed to follow the discount airline’s food purchasing protocol.

He neither informed other crew members he was eating, nor paid for the ham, cheese and tomato baguette as required by the company’s regulations.

The steward has appealed twice, first to the labour court in Madrid and most recently to the city’s court of law.

Both judges dismissed his appeal on the basis the low-cost airline operates according to Irish law, and the steward was hired through a job agency in Oslo.

Claire Wilson

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  1. He should be given a medal, rather than sacked, for having the nerve and fortitude to eat one of Ryanair’s disgusting sandwiches.

  2. Strange, or is it, after all this judgement was handed down in Spain.

    That awful little man at Ryanair tried to bully the French into accepting Irish employment laws – they fined him millions of Euros and threatened to shut down his operations in France – he paid up and shut up.

  3. He stole a sandwich didn’t he?

    We’ve never had a problem flying with Ryanair.

    Anyhow, I’ll let you all get back to your Daily Wail! Enjoy (being miserable)

  4. He’s only a thief. Everyone likes to have a thief on their workforce!

    Perhaps he should receive a medal instead for thieving from his company?

    Wake up everyone…

  5. I can’t believe all these comments that condone theft. Theft is theft whether it’s a rubbish sandwich or a Ferrari. He knew the rules because he signed the contract…And now, who is going to employ him after all this publicity?…He must have known his appeal was certain to fail….What an idiot.

  6. ha ha, you’re right Steve, stealing things is surely accounted for in any company.

    Watch your pockets too then next time you fly with Ryanair if this is the case!

  7. If he had stolen a years supply of Sandwiches he would have won. Spanish justice does not believe in small issues.

    Perhaps he should have argued that the sandwich had passed his sell by date & he could not allow passengers to buy them & get sick than he & his crew would have to deal with them.

    The customer had not paid for being sick on the plane and in order to save cost his/her body would have pushed out of the plane. Of course without a parachute.

  8. what a shame! this really absurd and shame on the EU legal system.
    I thought we are one EEC? I hope next time the Ryan air will not apply the Sharia law and the Spanish Judge will say, this is a Saudi matter, they might chopped his hand off

  9. Derek,

    I know it’s trivial matter the stealing of a sandwich but many years ago talking to a manager, which at the time was a Victor Values supermarket, stated that during children holiday’s time’s his store losses approximately £5 thousand in stolen items. These losses are calculated into the extra costs of other items, a penny here and a penny there.

    So basically the general public pay for these stolen items in the long run. This is just an example of what stealing causes.

    In-fact while on a visit to the U.K a couple of years ago I actually saw, which appeared to be an alcoholic load the inside of his grubby mac with three bottles of Gin and casually walked out of the supermarket without paying. Couldn’t believe it.

  10. @caccia…..I spent my whole working life managing supermarkets in the UK, one of which was a Victor Value store in the 60’s and any misguided notion that “a sandwich doesn’t matter” is utter garbage.

    Predicted shrinkage (theft) is built into the margin forecast and no-one should be in any doubt that it is substantial. These day’s electronic tagging etc doesn’t stop the determined thief.

    And, during my years I have witnessed so many store managers turfed out because of losses due to theft….Their family’s lives destroyed…..It makes me sick when I hear people say “well, Ryanair/Tesco/Lidl et al can afford it….It’s the PEOPLE that suffer….Not to mention the price increases imposed in order to cover it.

  11. Brian,

    Well said, it proves my point. Hope people reading your reply have a different perspective on light fingered people and the stealing of a mere sandwich so lightly.

  12. Caccia and Derek, two peas in the zero empathy pod. Yes, of course stealing is wrong, but the context has to be taken into consideration. When you are an alcoholic or a drug addict you don’t generally think about the consequences of your actions, so that was a brainless comparison to start with Caccia. In the case of the evil sandwich thief, a warning would have been more appropriate, and he would probably have realised the error of his ways and avoided all the fall out.

    Brian, supermarkets mark up all their goods, and not just to take into account thefts. They play a game with consumers and fleece and confuse them at every opportunity. Supermarkets are more evil than the sandwiches they sell.

  13. @ Fred…What do you mean “mark up”??….If you are referring to the creation of ‘gross margins’ then yes, profit is not a dirty word…and nor is it “evil”…And since food retail has arguably the most intense competition in any commercial sector you could hardly justifiably suggest that margins are excessive….And in any case, NO-ONE has ever been forced to spend money at ANY supermarket.

    A “warning” (as you suggest) resulting from theft from an employer or the business or a colleague would achieve nothing but theft on a grand scale. Dismissal is the only acceptable result and no industrial tribunal would uphold any subsequent appeal.

    Fred, direct your (in)famous venom for those that deserve it.

  14. Brian,

    Now you can see the type of response that Fred comes out with. Basically his argument is it’s okay to steal but just give a warning. I don’t think he realizes the scale of theft that goes on, and at which point does he advocate the break off point of just a warning. Not only does the warning have no effect but indeed encourages more thefts. “it’s okay if I take this, i’ll only get a warning”.

    Without set rule to employee’s or other’s that if one steals regardless of the value of an item then one has not only broken company rules but also broken state law.

    A dismissal serves as a warning to others and as for the alcoholic that I had mentioned it was of self interest and no different as to the self interest of the person that stole the sandwich.

  15. Calm down predictable Caccia – in this case only, I said. You’ve got some sort of problem where you take someones comments and then apply them to every scenario lol. I already said that stealing is wrong. Please acquire some human qualities, before hate consumes you completely. And do tell us how alcoholics consider the consequences of their actions when they are drunk out of their mind. Duh.

    Brian, I worked for the two largest UK supermarkets as a contractor, in their HQs, back in the 90’s. You can’t tell me anything about how these companies work. People are limited in the things they can do. They don’t have to use a supermarket, but then again they don’t have to eat either – they can choose to starve themselves. The point is that supermarkets have a big influence on peoples daily lives and many are dependent upon them. The games that they play – I’m surprised you didn’t know. And yes, dismissal is fine, but in this particular case I would have warned the person that dismissal was next on the list. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially in a trivial case like this, apart from Caccia of course.

  16. @Fred, err..what “games” would they be then??….Food retailing is one of the most regulated commercial sectors in the UK and any marketing strategy (what I suspect you call “games”) has to embrace such legislation. When I started my retail career in the early sixties there were almost no controls. It was either ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’, and if you don’t like it, tough, or turn to the rather more expensive alternatives.

    When I retired from one of those “two largest companies” it was a different world, and all the better for it. I think your views are really cynical. NO responsible retailer in such a high profile market is going to allow itself to be scrutinised by the press (for example) resulting in negative commentary.

    Of course, in supermarkets where probably 400 people are employed, being human, mistakes are sometimes made but, providing the business is focussed on providing the highest level of ‘atención al cliente’ such mistakes can be an opportunity to build loyalty.

    Regarding the dismissal, which is what this string is about, yes, of course everyone deserves a second chance, but NOT in the same company….It’s not the value of the theft, it is the act of stealing which is the issue. Deliberate, premeditated, opportunistic, there is no difference.

  17. Fred,

    You always assume your own thoughts as being gospel. I was quoting how companies react to stealing whether it’s large and small.

    In other circumstances a second chance is and can be given if it’s in a more personal nature.

    Many years ago I received a phone call from the Chelsea Police Station around midnight. They had one of my young employee’s in nick. He had given himself up as he had stolen £400 pounds from the safe. When I went to collect him due to him having no transport and had blown all the money the sergeant asked if I wished to prosecute, I said no.

    Never-the-less I did not sack him and back at his one room flat I told him next time if he helped himself to one penny he would be nicked and the £400 would be slowly deducted from his wages. Good as gold after that.

    As for the alcoholics most are sob-our all the time and it’s only when they hit the bottle and the one I saw walked straight, didn’t stagger or sway and assumed he was an alcoholic due to his dress and helping himself to the gin.

    A dear friend of mine who has since passed away and was a well known film, stage and T.V actor was an alcoholic although he had not touched the drop in 20 years. he would go through a bottle of gin before mid-day but he always classed himself as an alcoholic, saying if he had just a glass of wine it would most probably kick him off again. Always drunk soft drinks whenever we went out for a meal.

    Fred, I only respond to other peoples remarks to which I personally do not agree, but you do tend to push your thoughts onto other people as though it’s gospel.

    Just keep em’ coming, just love em’.

  18. Caccia, spinning yet another story I see. Funny how you keep doing that just at the exact moment when you need to. Funny how your employee gave himself up when he got away with the theft. Your stories are fabrications. Go on, make something else up now to explain that fact away lol.

    Brian, the supermarkets of the 60’s and the 90’s are totally different beasts; one cannot compare the operations of companies in such different time periods.

  19. Brian,

    It’s not worth the trouble in answering people like Fred, you would be wasting your time, they would not know the truth unless it bit those things between their legs.

    Fred, I can verify everything that I have said to be truthful and quite willing to prove so, but are you equally as truthful and willing to match my offer by proving, as you say, that you have complied fully with 720 prior to your out-bust that it had nothing to do with Spain as to your assets outside of Spain, that’s if you are a resident, if not you must still be a resident in the UK and the same rules apply there also. As you well know, they are closing in and would not like to see your name, regardless of our banter and disagreements on the front page of EuroWeekly, SUR in English or OP. I’m always open to a second chance in life.

    Could even give you the name and place of one of my shop’s where Ian the young lad stole from me backed up with other people’s comments regarding this issue. I don’t like being called a liar. Are you up to it. If not, just be careful in what you say regarding your negative and accusing answers.

    Ian the young lad felt guilty in stealing proving that some people try to correct their wrong doing, but afraid some people don’t and I place you in the same category in those last few words.

  20. @Fred…Yes,….after 40 years in food retail, I really feel wiser now with that gem of an observation….

  21. Fred,

    By the way Frederick, one of my other business was importing porcelain from Italy and appeared for five weeks on a British T.V program (if you recall) called Police Five. The premises had been broken into and when I had arrived the police were there waiting and indicated that the burglars must have been disturbed due to some boxes from the stock room were placed to the rear ready to be removed. Fingerprints were taken with no avail but unfortunately my main show piece together with other porcelain pieces had already been taken, value at the time for my main show piece was £5K. The transportation by air alone cost £200 for this one piece and all items had to pass import and export control.
    V.A.T was exempt due to having an import licence.

    To this day it has never been found and was in-fact a one off piece which needed two people to carry.

    I suppose you will also reply that this is a lie or another made up story.

    You must think we are all as thick as you. You say you had worked in two of the largest supermarkets as a contractor, what at, shelve stacking.

    If it was a Marks and Sparks I had met and knew the owners and actually built their pool at their country home. Still have the drawings, think I mentioned this before on one of the other sites. Another lie I suppose.

  22. “Fred, I can verify everything that I have said to be truthful and quite willing to prove”

    Sure, after you. If you write any more crap you’ll have enough material for an autobiography lol.

    @Brian, just go on Google and search for “supermarkets inflate prices” and read the hundreds of articles about various scams and cons that supermarkets employ. Did it really take you 40 years just to realise this? lol

  23. Fred,

    It just goes to show how much you know about the retail business.

    The young employee we were discussing new he would get caught and that was the reason he gave himself up that very night, and do you know why.

  24. Fred,

    Don’t need to write an autobiography, i’m quite happy and contented in knowing what I had personally done and achieved in my lifetime. Are you, it appears not with all the unhappiness and faults you spill about. You appear to be one unhappy soul. Something must have happened in your life time.

    Still waiting for a more positive reply to the two options I offered:-

    “Fred, I can verify everything that I have said to be truthful and quite willing to prove”

    Can you.

    The young employee we were discussing new he would get caught and that was the reason he gave himself up that very night, and do you know why.

    And do you know why?.

  25. Fred,

    I think you are getting confused with tight margin prices and promotion.

    Have you not seen an advert in one of the bars.

  26. @ Fred….”Realise” what precisely?. This thread is about dismissal from employment as a result of theft, not your twisted notions of what marketing strategy in retail food is all about….And, if you rely on what Google gives access to, then you need to wise up.

  27. “Fred, I can verify everything that I have said to be truthful and quite willing to prove”

    Still waiting, Caccia. Go and spin some more stories.

    @Brian, you must surely be the most naive person I’ve ever met on here, if not ever. The large supermarkets are world experts at customer manipulation. And it was you who first brought up the subject of food supermarkets, not me, so you were off-topic first. Google gives access to hundreds of respected publications and sources, please talk some sense.

  28. Brian.

    Now you can see the type of person Fred had turned out to be.
    A person that has never been in the retail business, a person that knows nothing about marketing and a person that has no answers to anything but gives a twisted response to any sensible comment except guide people to Google.

    Naturally there are facts that cannot be found on Google, try as you may, and although Google is a good source for gaining certain knowledge they only print second hand information deemed from others, which in some cases can be proven wrongly

  29. Fred,

    Surely you don’t think i’m as STUPID as you by spilling information to every Tom, Dick or Harry on these sites. To send information to verify what I had said would require my email address, giving photo’s, letters, peoples emails and personal information which is against, not only my principles but the OP also.

    Your STUPIDITY was announcing in writing on these sites about your tax evasion. Clever move. Don’t think a business minded person would be so stupid. Da.

    But basically I couldn’t care less if you believe me or not. I know, people that know me and other’s through business contacts know I talk the truth and that’s all that matters to me.

    But pray tell me, what you have achieved in life, not much I should imagine except being a moaner, a shelve filler and a tax evader.

    Love ya jokes, keep send em’.

  30. Stefanjo,

    One can go onto Google, punch in the desired question and one of the sites that may invariably come up is Wikipedia.

  31. @Fred…”Naivety”??….To have survived (and prospered) for 40 years in one of the most competitive industries in the UK & the US, working for two of the most demanding organisations in that industry is hardly indicative of anyone who is a tad green behind the ears.

    And, (to return to the string) the act of dismissing from employment a proven thief is part and parcel of having the strength of character and experience to reject such mamby pamby nonsense as issuing ‘a warning’ to such people. In addition, think you will find that, in most contracts of employment, it will specifically state that theft from the employer or colleague or customer will result in dismissal. There is no value criteria.

  32. Caccia, your stupidity was fabricating a bunch of stories that you said you could prove, and then made a classic U-turn when you realised you couldn’t. lol. You don’t even know the basic function of a search engine. You’d better the grandkids to teach you. And stop worrying about me tax affairs, the jealousy will only consume you Caccia.

  33. Can anyone tell me what year in the 20th century was the smoking of cigarettes ban first impalement and why.

    Now that’s a thought.

  34. The thread now changes to smoking bans. Changing the subject again Caccia? Keep to subject. Your words lol.

  35. Fred,

    One of my businesses was called “Casa Capdimonte” in Surrey. Importing Porcelain from Italy.

    Another two of my shops were called “Star Video” in Surrey. That was well before the American company called “Blockbusters” came onto the scene and who have now closed shop. That’s just two without the other block of six shops I owned that were rented out (sold the freehold of the shops to a Korean business woman during the time I had moved to Spain, and of course my building firm which was called “A.C Dama”. NHBC registered. I could go on and on about other businesses, almost forgot, how about another which was a Delicatessen in Surrey. To much for the simple mind of shelve filler i’m afraid and that’s the closest information you will get from me and I don’t lie.

    As I have said previously, couldn’t care less if you believe it or not, but one thing i’m sure of, you were not honest when you filled in your tax returns.

  36. Caccia, everyone is bored to death with your fabrications. I leave my tax affairs to tax advisors.

    Btw, shelf fillers are people too – I would actually trust and respect them before you, any day. Still sleeping tight btw. See ya.

  37. If you use multiple names say they are not you and get proved wrong should you get sacked for that? Sir Derek Roger has gone quiet, you are not called Brian now are you? I cannot take more names! !

  38. Fred,

    Well Frederick you did ask me to prove something and that’s the closest I can give you. If that is not sufficient you certainly need help.

    Anyway, Michael Parkinson on one of his interview shows and talking about the American way of life happened to ask Douglas Fairbanks Jr what did he find the difference between an American worker and a British worker. Pausing a few seconds he replied. “Well, I find when an American worker see’s his boss drive in with a Cadillac he say’s to himself I must get one of those, but when a British worker see’s his boss dive in with a Rolls Royce he say’s to himself I paid for that”.

    Get my drift old chap. About time you got yourself a life and stop wailing and moaning.

    The reason I am writing to you so early in the morning is because i’m shortly taking my Granddaughter to the Airport and wasting some time, and I really mean it when I say “wasting my time”.

    You can still send the jokes over cause I do have a laugh.

  39. Caccia, I can’t help it if you keep making U-turns and breaking your promises. My life is great thanks, you must stop worrying about me.

    Btw, get your grandaughter to teach you how to use a search engine. I hope she doesn’t grow up to be like you Caccia. And if you feel that your time is being wasted, just don’t post any more on here and then you can use that time elsewhere. Simples Da.

  40. @ Reap…..There is only one “brian” registered on my email ID with the OP and that is me. And I certainly do NOT post under ANY other name…I would rather hope that if anyone is duplicating my name then the OP would filter it out…

    In any case I refuse to enter into personal derogatory remarks, preferring to stick to the string subject which tends to validate my stated identity…Others would do well to do the same.

  41. Brian,

    I think Reap is getting confused with names that perhaps I had mentioned to Fred. Don’t think he knows that they are trading names. Da.

  42. “preferring to stick to the string subject”

    @brian, It’s “thread, not “string” :)

    “Others would do well to do the same.”

    Best tell Caccia about that then brian, last I heard the topic had changed to smoking bans lol.

  43. Unfortunately lots of my replies regarding Fred have not been posted, seems democracy has gone out of the window.

  44. Fred,

    “Others would do well to do the same.”

    I would imagine It was referring to most on these site’s including you.

    “And if you feel that your time is being wasted, just don’t post any more on here and then you can use that time elsewhere. Simples Da”.

  45. Reap: Tend to think “Brian” is telling the truth. He seems to have a grasp of basic grammar and spelling, unlike the other chap. Not sure he particularly likes being adopted as that persons buddy either…
    That “string” thing is a bit dubious though.

  46. Nothing to do with democracy, Caccia. From now on all comments from all contributors should be related to the subject of the original article or they will be deleted.

  47. Reap.
    Not a case of adoption, it was a case of agreeing in what Brian was saying and NOT agreeing with the attitude that Fred takes regarding stealing.

  48. Stefanjo,

    This also applies to you.

    Not a case of adoption, it was a case of agreeing in what Brian was saying and NOT agreeing with the attitude that Fred takes regarding stealing.

  49. You see, we don’t really know the whole story regarding the stealing of a sandwich. Was it a first time, had he been warned previously and was the sandwich the only thing he had been warned about. People do tend to jump to conclusions.

    Besides the sacking was also a warning to others.

  50. Stealing is stealing, full stop. Irrespective of other issues he may or may not have been disciplined about previously, a deliberate contravention of contractual obligations, especially those which make it explicit that theft will result in dismissal make any subsequent appeal a waste of time and money.

    And of course few lawyers would turn down the opportunity to make a few easy bob or two rather than advise the hopelessness of an appeal. And Sr Montesinos still failed to recognise his futile attitude by raising a second appeal. I doubt he will find many employers queuing up to welcome him now. Had he accepted his stupidity and kept quiet he would now, quite possibly, be back in employment and a few thousand euro better off to boot.

    Foolish man.

  51. My attitude to the consequences of stealing depends very much on the context of it, and not on what Caccia (who now has negative credibility on this blog) says. Personally, in this particular case, I would have given a warning with dismissal on any further incident of theft or disobedience. Who knows, perhaps he would have even paid for the sandwich if confronted about it?

    @brian: Some people steal because they are hungry or because they are desparate, or because they have a mental illness. There are many reasons. You didn’t get very wise in your senior years did you?

  52. Fred,
    I couldn’t care less what your opinion is regarding my credibility on this so called blog, I said what I wanted to say and it does not change my own opinions. It’s still on the so called blog for all to read.

    As for your personal attitude about giving a warning for stealing is not the personal attitude of a company, do you not understand this.

    The guy was employed and on a salary and knew that:-
    “he failed to follow the discount airline’s food purchasing protocol”.

    Stop making excuses for him. He was found guilty by two courts, Spanish courts I might add.

  53. “Found guilty by two Spanish courts” That settles it then. As we know, those people are infallible. Not. Justice is only justice when it is tempered with mercy.

  54. @Fred…….On the contrary Fred, my seniority, both in age and business responsibilities, has been fortified by the certain knowledge, borne of experience, that theft, from either customers or employees is ALWAYS driven by greed, opportunity or the preplanned intent to deprive/embezzle.

    I have NEVER, upon reporting an incidence of theft to the police, discovered any other motive…And, in the case of employees I have ALWAYS dismissed those involved….Two consecutive accreditations with Investors in People (not an easily acquired award) bears witness to the integrity of implementing correctly the interpretation of “theft” and of ensuring that contracts of employment are clear and concise in this respect.

    It is not about attitude or the absence of “justice tempered with mercy” (stefanjo), it is about making a clear and easily understood statement that theft by employees will not be tolerated.

  55. Stefanjo,

    I thought someone would fall for that:-
    “He was found guilty by two courts, Spanish courts I might add”

    Stefanjo, the results would have been the same in a British court, and if you had read the report correctly you would have known why the Spanish courts rejected his claim.

    Again it was greed, hoping to get compensation from the company, but the fact is he was a thief and a British court would have dealt with the matter in the same way.

  56. You made a sweeping statement and are now doing U-turn. Stealing is not always done for the reasons you mention, and just because you, personally, have never discovered any other motive doesn’t mean that other motives don’t exist. And an “Investor In People” award doesn’t mean you definitively handled anything correctly, whatsoever. That claim could be interpreted in so many different ways, forr ecample you can also “invest” in a person by giving them a second chance e.g. by giving a reformed criminal a second chance in work, for example. Your interpretations are like those of a jobsworth (in my opinion.)

    Btw, you don’t have to shout out certain words brian lol. Looks like we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  57. Btw brian, back in 2005, IiP was named as one of the top nine “most useless” quangos in the UK. It has about as much credibility as the “British Potato Council” lol. If you Google it you can see numerous articles, from sources such as the BBC etc.

  58. What a waste of time commenting at length on here.

    The article was about someone getting sacked for stealing a sandwich. If you were an efficient boss you’d stamp this out.


  59. Brian,

    As you can see, it’s a waste of time and one wonder’s if Fred may have been in the same position as that steward at one time.

    Had he also considered that if you were lenient to a thief your job may have also been on the line.

  60. @Fred…I retired in 2000. Up until then IiP was a highly respected organisation employed by many blue chip companies as a mechanism for business improvement through the structured development of the workforce. “Investors in People” is not and never was a quango and it is now deployed in over 70 countries.

    So, the BBC are a prime resource in analysing and reporting on the professionalism of management??…Don’t make me laugh….From the top with Lord Patten, who doesn’t know what day of the week it is, right through the whole uncontrollable monolithic shambles, it is in no position to pass judgement on management processes in the business world.

    To return to the subject, (sorry OP) this report is about an employee who deliberately contravened clear contractual obligations. He wasn’t “starving” or “mentally ill”. He was dismissed, deservedly so, and lost 2 appeals, deservedly so. He may well get his “second chance” with his next employer, but it won’t be with Ryanair.

  61. No Caccia, I’m just more empathic than you are lol. Actually, people should be quickly reminded of why it’s a waste of time debating with you. Firstly, you used multiple aliases to post lots of fake responses, and continue to do so, and you were actually caught red-handed. Secondly, you keep changing the subject and can’t keep to topic. Thirdly, you keep making ad hominem remarks and cannot debate matters properly. Case over.

  62. Fred,

    Ya know Fred I can’t quite see you argument regarding theft.

    Are you indicating that a person that has spent most of his life to reach a position as a manager should overlook one’s duty, position, salary, and the potential effect it would have on his family life coupled with the possibility of dismissal for not carrying out his responsibility regarding theft over shall we say a sandwich.

    We know there are many factors that causes theft but theft is theft and feel sure that after taking all those consideration mentioned one would act in the interest of the company, that is why one reaches the position of a being a manager.

  63. It cuts both ways, the company loses a manager too. Perhaps they should have sat down and discussed the matter, rather than leaping to dismissal? You have my opinion in detail above and I’ve nothing more to add really. I don’t think you have anyting more to add to this thread Caccia and I think you’re just trying to have the last word again, aren’t you? lol.

  64. @brian, why bring the other reasons for stealing into this particular case? I only gave those examples when you mentioned your sweeping statement for why people steal. Likewise, I only gave the BBC as a reference to one of the the stories about the IiP being named as a discredited quango. You can take your pick. Your opinion is that this person should have dismissed, and mine isn’t. Can we agree on that at least?

  65. Fred,
    I think you should accept the fact that your thoughts are well proven to be negative regarding stealing and the quickest way of trying to “U” turn as you constantly keep referring to is-

    “You can take your pick. Your opinion is that this person should have dismissed, and mine isn’t. Can we agree on that at least”?. There is no agreement, don’t you still get it. What a get out.

    I don’t use multiple aliases I use the name of Caccia and always have. The the other names that perhaps you are referring to were trading names. Ya know, like Tesco, Zara, Lidl and so on. I’m quite surprised that you had come out with such a stupid statement.

    “Firstly, you used multiple aliases to post lots of fake responses, and continue to do so, and you were actually caught red-handed”. Caught, caught by whom.

    As you have said, keep to the subject of the sacking. Da.

  66. Sorry Frederick, I think you have lost the argument on this one, take it like a man instead of keep “U” turning all the time. (using your favorite expression of “U”)

  67. Fred,

    “Perhaps they should have sat down and discussed the matter, rather than leaping to dismissal”?

    It was discussed when he signing a contract of employment.

    Btw Fred, It would appear you have never been in business due to not knowing the use of a trading name.

    Give you a simple example. Say you had VARIOUS business and all payments went into the name of say Fred Blog and all expenditures were paid out from Fred Blog. Would that be a convenient and a proper way of running a business. Hence, various trading names.

  68. @Fred….Ok, I agree to disagree, but I wish disagreements could be reached without being disagreeable.

  69. @brian, I’m glad to agree to disagree. Now the other participants can at least see that we have come to an agreement, something which of course Caccia could never do.

    Caccia, you were caught out red-handed using multiple blog aliases, and no amount of distracting irrelevant information about trading names will hide that fact or recover your credibility. As a person who owned 5 patents by the age of 30 I surpassed your business achievements decades ago lol.

  70. Brian,

    A disagreement does not solve a problem until a compromise has been reached such as your reply to Fred but you still both disagree and nothing solved. All it does is push the issue under the table.

    But I think in this case it may solve the various write ups, if you get my drift.

  71. Fred,
    Could you indicate where I used multiple blog aliases. I have always used the name of Caccia if you care to look back.

    I think I beat you by 8 years in being in business old chap, at the age of 22 years old, but you skipped the use of a trading name. Anyone can register a patent but it does not mean it’s a working business.

    And if I disagree with your comments I will do so the same as agreeing with the sacking of the steward. But please stop knocking Spain if you live here. I have not seen any credit from you that Spain has offered to many thousands to ex-pats that live here but moans, and they are still coming. But all this is for another chapter in OP. Just leave it at that.

  72. Fred,
    I purchased a cottage at the age of 22 for £750 pounds. £100 down and £12 a month repayment to the Halifax Building Society, and let it for £5 pounds a week exclusive.

    Eventually sold it to one of my employee’s when it was paid off for £2.950 pounds. In-fact met up with him on my last trip to the U.K lat year and boy had he moved on since then. True, no lies.

  73. Anyone can register a patent, but you didn’t lol. Mine are all in use and are earning revenue, and I purchased my house in London when I was in last year of Uni (20). Oh well Caccia, it was a good fight you put up.

    In any event a person who posts fake comments under multiple aliases would never be a trustworthy businessman to start with. That was a real clanger you made there lol.

  74. @Fred,

    And you are an honest man, do me a favor Fred, talk about calling a kettle black, and how old were you on your last year at Uni, 20. What did you get a HND (Higher National diploma) or were you a drop out. Most surprised if you gained anything. Pack of fibs.

    Now if you wish to venture on a discussion regarding a Bachelor’s, a post graduate degree and a Ph.D, i’m ya man, not personal achievements, but children and grand children and if I told you of their achievements it would be far beyond your mentality.

    I don’t need to put up any fight, especially to a person like yourself.

    Fred, I feel sorry for you. OP. replying to Fred.

  75. Even if you leave this website for a long time and come back, Fred is always on here continually being pompous and annoying people.

    Either he works at the Olive Press to get people to keep coming back for any pay per click revenue or he’s the world’s biggest and saddest perpetual TROLL.

    lol indeed.

  76. Yes, in my last year of Uni I was just shy of 21, a year or two ahead of the average. You don’t need a HND to start a degree course, an OND is acceptable, and quite normal as an A-level alternative. A HND is equivalent to roughly about 2 years of a BSc (back then anyway) and many students come onto degree courses with HNDs. Done the PhD already, quite recently in fact, via the OU. I know it must be hard for you to take this all in. We are really off topic now, but rest assured you are not ahead of anything, except age. lol.

  77. @Derek,
    Well said, and he had audacity to accuse me of TROLLING, well I never, tut tut.

    Can’t stop to answer Fred back at the moment too busy getting ready to go out to play Bingo. Hehe

    Don’t think OP has anything to do with Fred, it would tarnish their image.

  78. @Fred,

    Just a quick-y before I go out, you said:-

    “Anyone can register a patent, but you didn’t lol. Mine are all in use and are earning revenue, and I purchased my house in London when I was in last year of Uni (20). Oh well Caccia, it was a good fight you put up”.

    That’s a laugh. 5 patents would have cost you a small fortune for a long patent period and then it only last’s 20 years. So how come you are still earning revenue. Fabrication’s again.

    Keep the jokes coming, good for a laugh.

  79. Caccia, no need to tell us your movements, we all know you’ll be back on here very soon, seeing as that is your only activity these days. Patents can be expensive things, but mine still have many years to run, and new ones on the way. They pay themselves.

    Bingo seems to be the extent of your skills these days Caccia, best stick to that and leave business to the youngsters. Da.

  80. Fred,
    This was an email that I had sent to another friend, No fabrication here.

    Albert. A friend once asked how I had met Michael Balfour and this was my reply to him.

    Many years ago I had a large shop in Surbiton, Surrey, called Casa Capodimonte and often saw Michael Balfour stop at the shop window admiring the various pieces on display.
    Michael was also a well known actor who also lived in Surbiton and was often seen shopping around the local shops until one Saturday morning he came into my shop. That’s how I came to know Michael and a friendship developed through the large selection of Capodimonte pieces I had imported from Italy. It turned out that Michael was also interested in sculpture and the details of the Capodimonte pieces fascinated him as he also taught the art of sculpture at a school in New Malden, Surrey in the evenings beside his acting profession.
    I personally knew and met some of the artist in Italy and Michael’s wish was to meet these artists and jokingly said, “Next time you go I’ll come with you”.
    There are many stories and the artistic nature to Michael which I could tell and we never finished having a hot meal in a restaurant due to the various people’s asking for his autograph and he loved to chat.
    But my lasting remembrance of Michael was on one occasion when I visited his flat one evening. On the mantelpiece was a full size bust of “Coco the Clown” which he had made. “That’s a nice piece”, I said. “Yes”, he replied. “It’s my favorite piece, do you like it”. “Yes I do”. With that he rose took the piece and handed it to me. “Please accept this as a gift from me”. I still have “Coco”, and often look and think of dear old Michael.

    One of the many short stories he once told me.
    As a young actor and while filming in Devon one cold February day and during a break he ambled off and sat by a large pond to eat a sandwich. Shortly afterwards an old gentleman came and they started chatting. He said that he was a retired farmer and Michael instinctively went into a Devonshire accent as he relayed what he said. Now Michael was fantastic and impersonating any accent. “What does that pond tell you”, he asked. For a moment I looked. “Well I see lots of water and a few plants growing”. “Ha, you can tell you are a city gent”, he replied. It was then that he told me what the weather and by the forms of life surrounding the pond what would occur for the whole of that year just by the activity surrounding that pond. Michael said he felt humbled as his existence till then had just been filming and had not stood back and took a larger look at life.

    Fred Perhaps you should also stand back and take a larger look at life. OP Replying to faults accusations from Fred seeing as he has also not followed the article. But it’s an interesting subject anyway. Leave it to you own discretion.

  81. Fred,

    Pull the other leg.

    Bingo, see you don’t even have a sense of humor. As stated in the last para that I had sent. “Perhaps you should also stand back and take a larger look of life.

    I only reply to your trolling, so basically that is the extent of your existence, trolling all the time.

    You do fabricate a lot lately.

  82. Tom Powell,

    What, flirt with Fred, mind you if he was like some of those Thai lady boy’s he might stand a chance. Hehehe

  83. Caccia’s ficticious autobiography, part 43. Great bedtime reading there, it would even send a hardened insomniac to sleep lol. Caccia, go and play bingo or bowls or whatever it is you do.

    Tom, do me a favour and erase this numskull from existence.

  84. Tom,

    I think it’s Fred you should erase. Don’t think many people agree to his trolling. It would appear that people who do not agree with his thoughts are wrong,

    One can see by his attitude and nastiness of various replies,
    just look at the last one he had sent to me. He just can’t accept the fact he could be wrong, such as the stealing of the sandwich as an example which was what part and parcel of this article by OP. He list’s his education, but a so called educated person does not reply with such accusations. If OP wishes to be dominated by people such as Fred because others do not fall in line with his thinking’s, then God help us.

    Fred, would you wish me to believe you have those so called qualification.

    I would suggest young Fred that you should be more understanding that not all people agree with what you say.

    This is what a person that has held the very top positions at IBM in the U.K and U.S.A. Part of the team sent to China that negotiated the sale of IBM P.C to China which now comes under the title of Lenovo. Top position at Samsung with responsibilities for the U.K and N.Ireland and who’s immediate boss was the CEO and spokesman for the company to the government. Top position at a university who’s immediate boss was the President. Author of books which are used at Uni’s and elsewhere. Gives Lectures and Seminar’s. Wrote articles for the Financial Times. Went through the whole system of degree courses to Ph.D, none of the degrees including the Ph.D acquired through OU.

    This is what he replied when I posed a stealing question to him regardless of it’s value simply replied in a few words.

    “It would be investigated through HR internally, and reported to the police. If the person was found at fault, he would be dismissed”.

    Hope that answer’s your question as to the article on OP regarding your personal thoughts on stealing.

    No doubt you will troll back with some negative answer once more. Full stop.

  85. Caccia, you have already demonstrated that you cannot keep to topic with your irrelevant ramblings, you were caught red-handed trolling with multiple aliases, and you resort to ad hominem insults when you are challenged on anything by a person who doesn’t agree with you. I even reached out to brian to stop bickering and just agree to disagree. You are actually a quite vicious individual with a massive chip on your shoulder about something. It it for those reasons that you lost total credibility on this blog and nothing you say now will be believed.

    My thoughts on the theft in this article remain the same, and have not been disproven by you, or indeed anyone. You’ll just have to get used that Caccia. Full stop?

  86. @Fred,

    On the Contrary Frederick it’s you that does all the trolling, and the last article sent to me clearly illustrates your rambling which had nothing to do with the topic.

    I air my views on subjects that I disagree with, not only your blog’s but others which maybe differ to what I believe, but I don’t force my opinion on others.

    I did ask you to point out these so called Multiple aliases, that you mention but as of datre have had no response. I only use the name of caccia.

    I certainly do not have a chip on my shoulder, but you have, and by the response I get from you one could say is vicious just because I do not agree with things you comment on.

    Now if you print the good things about Spain and the advantages that so many thousands of various ex-pat receive and are still willing to come here, then most probably I would agree with you, but all the moaning’s do not solve any of the problems.

    That hotel on the beach will most probably be completed regardless of the opposition, what do you personally intend to do about it, nothing, just moan. Get my drift.

    One can pick faults with many other countries but you decided to live in Spain, why not in the U.K. Something in Spain must have attracted you otherwise you would not be here.

    You see what I mean about your thoughts regarding the theft. Your reaction would be of a personal nature and has nothing to do with the actual theft itself.
    Two illustration’s have been given regarding a theft which is completely correct, so why not admit that the action taken was correct instead of your personal view’s of the law. Quite understand if you make a “U” turn.

    As I had said much earlier I also gave Ian a second chance, but it did not excuse his act of a theft.

  87. “it’s you that does all the trolling”

    Says the self-confessed troll who was caught red-handed using multiple aliases lol.

    I don’t believe the dismissal in this case was correct, and my opinion on that particular case will not change, no matter how much you complain about it. Please accept other people have different opinions to your own Caccia. Get my drift?

  88. @Fred,

    Just out of curiosity, what financial gain did the University receive from a company regarding your research for that company in a one step up as part of a post grad degree. (I don’t mean in one of those false OU that the government was compelled to close down).

    This also is part of a build up to acquiring a Ph.D with a thesis. Just curious that’s all.

  89. @Fred,

    Stop pussy footing, was the dismissal of the theft correct, not your personal reaction to the theft, A simple YES would be accepted and stop alluding the question. Your wrong, but do not wish to admit it, that’s been your problem on many items on OP.

  90. Dismissal for theft was wrong in this case. A warning would have been more appropriate. That’s my opinion Caccia, and it won’t change. Learn to accept other peoples opinions. When you’ve completed four degrees come back and talk to me. I doubt you’d even get on to a degree course, let alone complete one lol. You’re so out of your depth Caccia if only you knew.

  91. @Fred,

    Your still are not able to answer simple questions. I take it all what you have said to be pure fabrications.

    Once again I pose these simple questions.

    1. Direct me to the Multiple Aliases that I have posted on OP.

    2. Four degree’s and a Ph.D to boot, that’s a joke, possibly one OU diploma (that’s if you had past)from a non registered Uni, and even that’s debatable.

    3. Well how much cash did you generate for the so called Uni as this is what happens in a proper Uni.

    4. Can’t accept your wrong on the dismissal of the steward.

    Note. A wonderful negative answer given to a Lawyer if you were in the dock. “Dismissal for theft was wrong in this case”. You would have the whole court burst out laughing.

    Be a man for a change, I won’t hold it against you, in-fact you may even gain a notch for honesty in the eyes of others on OP.

  92. Caccia, a “man” doesn’t hide behind multiple aliases and confess that they troll on purpose. You are not in a position to demand anything. I tell you what I want to tell you lol. I am giving you my opinion in this case – the law is not always correct. Btw, 4 degrees inc doctorate. Still sleeping tight btw.

  93. Fred,

    Pray tell me, are you one of those unfortunate people that are stuck with property you cannot sell, if not you must be quite content living in Spain. How many happy pensioners you know of that wish to return to the U.K.

    All the pensioner’s I know are quite happy living here regardless of all the problems mentioned as on OP.

    I am sympathetic towards people that have all sort’s of problems, homes demolished etc, but that’s life i’m afraid and most of their problems were self in-flicked by not doing their homework properly ie, leaving their hard earned cash in the hands of strangers. I feel sure the if you were going to purchase another property you would certainly do your homework.

    Those that purchased holiday villa’s or flats and now wishing to sell are perhaps due to having financial problems back home otherwise why sell regardless of what it may be presently valued at. They were originally purchased as a holiday retreat and if they gain in value better still, but basically they are only worth the value of what they were purchased at.

  94. Fred,

    I recall many years ago chatting to my accountant generally.

    During the conversation he mentioned advising certain clients of cutting their losses and get out, but they always insisted that things may get better until they eventually went bankrupt.

    Perhaps people should consider the amount they paid for the property and sell at that price just to get their money back. How many times have you heard people say, “Well I bought my property for X a few years back but it’s now worth X amount”. Stuck. All properties will sell at the right price even with a small profit margin but at least they get out. Things have started to move slightly again in Spain even if it’s slow but people still hope to make a few extra bucks. Human nature i’m afraid.

  95. caccia, in defence of Fred you did say you were trolling on this website and you did post also under the name of franco which you then made up some far fetched story about others using your laptop/computer hence the different names used. Then, OP confirmed you were using aliases, you can’t deny what they said.

    Back to Spanish property. The company known as RR Acuna and Associates in Madrid last year said there were 2.25 million properties for sale in Spain, far more supply than demand. Apparently there are 3.4 million empty homes in Spain, enough space for maybe 12 million people, and as the OP article says 184 Spaniards are evicted from their homes every day, so even more being added to the total of empty homes.

  96. “I am sympathetic towards people that have all sort’s of problems, homes demolished etc, but that’s life i’m afraid and most of their problems were self in-flicked by not doing their homework properly”

  97. @Angie,

    Do me a favor please, Franco used my laptop the same as my wife uses my laptop under her name. The same Email address.

    And what is your point regarding all these empty properties. We all know the situation regarding the overbuild. So why not make contact with agents in the U.K so that they can inform possible clients, “No problem, plenty of houses going cheap in Spain”. Perhaps that may solve the problem over here.

    As I have said many times before on OP, I only use the name of caccia and if you look back on any of the OP letters you will find the same.

  98. @Fred,

    And?. Again a simple question, that requires a simple answer.

    I’m afraid Angie has the same illusions as yourself regarding the name caccia. Still waiting for indications of where I used aliases names. Can’t find any ‘eh.

  99. The point @caccia is that the huge oversupply of properties in Spain means there’s no chance of the market suddenly picking up nor boom days to come for many years.

    So you lend out your laptop to someone called Franco do you, a likely story, it was one of your aliases and you know it? As if a stranger called franco can nip in to use your laptop which you’re unaware of and posts on the same topics is a remarkable co-incidence, what are the chances of that happening? So does your wife also post on here under her name using your laptop, or, is it really you?

    The OP said you were doing this, you said you were trolling too!!!!

  100. @Angie,

    Franco did not nip in to use my computer. Was here for ten day’s holiday, Has been back in the U.K since last year.

    Wife uses my email address for Skype and family matters. Has no time to use the computer like you do.

    Property. Couldn’t care less if the values go up or down, didn’t come to Spain for financial gain, came to retire 20 years ago, it’s just a roof over someone’s head as far as i’m concerned.

    Are you happy living in Spain????

  101. @Angie,

    P.S. You said:-

    “and posts on the same topics is a remarkable co-incidence, what are the chances of that happening”?

    That’s a laugh, happens all the time, same coincidence as you and Fred, would you not say.

    OP has never printed, as far as i’m aware, that I was using alias names.(Fred can’t), and you seem to contact me okay under the banner of “caccia”, therefore perhaps you could direct me to that section.

    Please don’t repeat or believe what old Fred say’s, he will only lead you astray.

    By the way Angie I also have another email address purely for business reasons and perhaps the 4 degree and doctorate
    Fred could explain to you why.

  102. From memory you used 3 or 4 names, with the same style of writitng, but you are a mate of Derek who uses even more, peas in a pod.

  103. @Reap,

    Bad memory i’m afraid Reap, they were business names if it was those names you were referring to. Please look back before you write and make such statements. Would you like me to post that section onto you, second thought’s waste of my time, you look back.

    Do NOT know Derek, you seem to have the same mentality as poor old Frederick.

  104. Well, that was a fascinating butty, though with quite a caccy filling. 113 comments and counting….

  105. “the 4 degree and doctorate Fred”

    Caccia, a doctoral degree is a degree, doh. You really must swat up more lol.

  106. @Fred,

    Never said it wasn’t. You really must swat up more. 4 degrees and doctorate. I think I also said somewhere, 4 degrees and a Ph.D to boot. No need to mention the doctorate as a separate degree.

    But then it’s all fabricated. It was you that mentioned that had done a 2 year OU diploma’s, why class that as a degree, it’s a diploma, and possibly the so called degrees that you say you have, (which I don’t believe) are just diploma’s

    One could have a diploma for many things, say swimming, for example but one does not call that a degree.

    Pity I can’t send you a photo of a doctorate degree. And pray tell what subject did the Ph.D imply.

  107. @ OP moderators…I think it’s about time you pulled the plug on this verbal diarrhoea. It has nothing to do with Ryanair or it’s personnel policies and procedures.

  108. Fred,
    Go onto Wiki and see what a proper Ph.D entails and if you had applied for a doctorate it would have been rejected due to unsupported qualifications.

    I hope we are talking about well recognized universities and not backstreet one’s.

  109. My PhD took 6 years in fact, done from Spain mostly, and with visits to London. The first two and a bit years were for MPhil, and then conversion to the PhD programme. I think the University of London is a recognized Uni the last time I checked.

    You should really stop embarassing yourself Caccia. This frustration you suffer will make you ill. Go and play some bingo.

  110. @OP,
    Perhaps Brian is right on this but it all stemmed from a person that does not agree with a companies rules and regulation which most companies have built into the their contract of employment, ie, such as Ryanair.

    I’m sure if this person was being interviewed for a top position in a company and was asked his thoughts of the company dealing with theft, sorry mate, no job.

  111. @Fred,

    Calm down, not good for the blood pressure, bad for the heart. So most was OU, not full study, perhaps that’s why it took 6 years, that’s if I believe you.

    So you can answer a question, yet strangely cannot answer the simple question of where these so called Multiple Aliases are and direct me to them. If you note, there are many strange names being used on OP besides caccia.

    Fred, Bingo teaches one how to react quickly, such as shouting out HOUSE, think you are still in the slow lane. Do me a favor, give up.

  112. 6 years was the distance learning requirement. I pursued that whilst living abroad, hence the time period. My Bachelors, Masters and MPhil were taken at London Uni. Some 50000 students study by distance learning at London Uni, so are they all underachieving students too? Doh.

    Caccia, you often accuse me being off-topic and yet you bring up “Brian” on a thread where he doesn’t exist. Then you call me a troll, but you are already a self-confessed troll that was caught red-handed, er, trolling. So, as everyone already knows, you have zero credibility on here, and making a few normal posts here and there will not help you regain any credibility. Asking me to calm down when you are posting multiple replies just about every minute on here is most amusing, albeit embarassing for you. Your choice.

  113. OP,
    Was wondering why my replies to Fred are being deleted yet his are being posted. I would therefore request the same regarding Fred if that’s not a problem, or at least allow me to reply.

  114. OP, Thank you.


    As I had said, all of your “so called” qualification’s were
    OU,(if I believe you), you even admitted that you had done a 2 year course for a diploma then went on to mention all these fictitious degree’s when caught out. Do you realize the amount of study and work that one needs to achieve a PhD.
    Look it up on Google if you know how. Anyone can say they have done this or done that but you had been caught out. Can’t even direct me to these Multiple Aliases you accuse me of.

    How many lectures or seminars have you given. How much financially, had you contributed to a Uni for your researches. How did you manage to have a one to one with a lecturer if you were based in Spain. There are many questions I could ask you but you would only dig yourself deeper into the mud.

    I have two granddaughters (sister’s). One that had studied law at London Uni Kings college, the other currently at Portsmouth Uni studying Biology, both full time, not OU.

    You said:- quote. “Asking me to calm down when you are posting multiple replies

    You are correct on this one, “replies” I reply to your trolling, I don’t create them. If you class that as trolling then I’m in your club, not bothered. You know the old saying; Sticks and stones.

    Are you trying to convince me that you have all these degree’s, if so why waste time on these sites when surely you must have better things to do, such as teaching, giving professional advise to companies etc, etc, or were your “so called” qualifications insignificant to stand scrutiny in a lecture debate, or perhaps you are too lazy to do anything accept moan all the time.

    Thank you OP for allowing me to answer poor ol’ Fred and know doubt he will try and reply in his normal trolling fashion that’s if you allow him to. HOPE NOT, I think most have had enough of his moans and his attitude towards theft.

    P.S Fred. I could send you a copy of a seminar that a professional, a PhD, had been invited by other professional’s to give a speech at a dinner function. The dinner function was for this purpose, (that’s if it was allowed by and on OP as it is quite lengthy). It was in 2008 covering future technology that he was involved with and what we know and use today.

  115. “Do you realize the amount of study and work that one needs to achieve a PhD”

    Yes, I do. We had a lot of one-to-ones (and one-to-manys) via group conferencing software (heard of that?) and of course by actual, physical, campus visits and much longer extended periods of stay. Perhaps you missed the first word in “distance learning”? Only my doctorate degree was with the OU; the other three were full-time study many years prior.

    Btw, the word “diploma” has been used seven times above, and all of them by you, so your sentence “you even admitted that you had done a 2 year course for a diploma” is proven to be fiction, yet again. So easy to catch you out Caccia.

    “surely you must have better things to do, such as teaching, giving professional advise to companies”

    How do you know that I don’t? In fact, I’ve done all those things in my career, and much more besides.

    So as you can see, I’m still waiting to be caught out by you, and you can rest assured that it will not be happening in your lifetime. Now don’t let me keep you from your bingo.

  116. Fred,

    Are you asking me to belief everything you have said.

    You said: quote. “6 years was the distance learning requirement. I pursued that whilst living abroad, hence the time period. My Bachelors, Masters and MPhil were taken at London Uni. Some 50000 students study by distance learning at London Uni, so are they all underachieving students too? Doh”.

    That would suggest OU. Don’t you think..

    You quoted me as saying: “you even admitted that you had done a 2 year course for a diploma then went on to mention all these fictitious degree’s when caught out. Do you realize the amount of study and work that one needs to achieve a PhD”.

    And then to top it all, you sad: quote. “Yes, in my last year of Uni I was just shy of 21, a year or two ahead of the average. You don’t need a HND to start a degree course, an OND is acceptable”

    I take it you are meaning an Ordinary National Diploma would you say. Da. Stand by what I say ol’ chum.

    From you to me: quote. “you even admitted that you had done a 2 year course for a diploma” is proven to be fiction, yet again. So easy to catch you out Caccia.

    Oh dear Frederick, another slip up on your part. Think you were caught out, naughty boy.

    From you to me: quote. “Caccia, you were caught out red-handed using multiple blog aliases, and no amount of distracting irrelevant information about trading names will hide that fact or recover your credibility”.

    Shows how Frederick can’t prove a word he say’s and he had the audacity to question my credibility, AND, Frederick, still waiting for the Multiple Aliases sections. Hehe

    You said: quote. “If you Google it you can see numerous articles, from sources such as the BBC etc”. How do you know this Frederick, are you also a user of Google as well. Da

    NOTE TO ALL. None of the questions that I had put to Fred on April 1st 2014 4:48 paragraph 2. had not been replied.


    Could you please in future block anything from FRED to ME. I think most if not all are now fed up with his trolling and my response. It has now run it’s course and I can concentrate more on the bingo.(funny thing, I never go) Hehe

    Thank God.

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