15 May, 2014 @ 11:21
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Journalists arrested for raising Spanish flag in Gibraltar

GV Spanish Flag e

POLICE in Gibraltar have arrested two journalists for raising a Spanish flag in the British territory.

The journalists, from Spanish television channel Telemadrid, were arrested yesterday for a suspected breach of the peace.

A police spokesperson said the television crew raised the flag while filming, which annoyed locals.

Telemadrid identified the journalists as Cake Minuesa, the presenter of its current affairs show Citizen Cake, and a cameraman.

The show’s producer, Jose Luis Leon, said in a broadcast on the channel late yesterday evening: “While they were filming a group of people, they started insulting them. The police arrive and then the journalists were detained.”

He added: “It seems the intention is to accuse them of a breach of public order for placing a flag on a public beach in Gibraltar.”

The journalists were later released on bail.

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. I have seen the video clip from TeleMadrid. These weren’t true journalists reporting on a story. They came to create one and, unfortunately, they did.
    People walk up and down Main Street wearing the Spanish national team’s football shirt and nobody bats an eyelid. In fact, it’s sold locally as are any other belonging to footballing selections.
    But you don’t walk into the centre of Bilbao or Barcelona and raise the Spanish national flag without getting a reaction. And that’s within Spain!

  2. I think that Gibraltar must return to panish sovereignity, but the actuacion of the journalists is a provocation.

    And i hope that they´ll be punished.

    We shouldn´t mistake the freedom of speech with the provocation of disorders.

  3. Gibraltar will never return to the Spanish, this is pretty much a fact now…. unfortunately there are growing numbers that want to leave Spain and not join…. its not hard to understand why.

    anyway roll on the 9th…

  4. Personally I cannot understand why you would want to leave Spain?

    From my perspective (which is all I can reflect upon) Spain offers much more opportunity than the UK and the past four and a half years have been the happiest I have been, with a quality of life that could not be imagined in Manchester.

    Also, working in Gibraltar I feel I have a reasonable ‘feel’ for the place and I have to say I am always happy to get off the rock and in to Spain. Could I live in Gib? No, not in a million years.

  5. El Cordobez
    I am glad you are experiencing the best of both worlds and I can understand you are enjoying the quality of life this part of the world has to offer.
    Ironic, though, that you have to work in Gibraltar getting a British based wage in order to enjoy Spain. Wouldn’t your life be perfect if you were employed in Spain?
    Spain has a lot to offer but certainly not in job opportunities.

  6. Spain and work…dont go together well together……. where as spain and corruption and going to the beach and doing naff all for 6 months of the year…well they are truely sole mates

  7. El Fifi,

    Simple answer for you: The fact of the matter is that my Spanish isn’t up to it yet, so I have to work in an English speaking area. Before you ask though, I am having lessons.

    Thank you for your concern, however.

  8. What a silly thing to do, would the Spanish go to The Crimea and raise a Ukrainian flag? I doubt it, they would be arrested and thrown into jail. Perhaps the British should encourage the Moroccans to raise their flag in the two Spanish enclaves.

    Why would anybody want to leave Spain, I hear asked? Why not? the country is hopelessly broke with extremely high unemployment. Vive la Republique de France I say, way ahead of Spain any day!! If the UK votes to leave the EU, and believe me, Spain by its actions on British Gibraltar will encourage the public to vote to leave, will realise when it is too late that ooooops, the Germans cannot save our country by themselves, we did not realise that the UK were lending us so much Monday to save our hopeless economy. Perhaps the population will then change their opinion and actually want to be governed by Gibraltar!!

    Anyhow, as previously advised by me in several discussions, The Royal Navy reinforcements are on their way to Gibraltar ……. watch this space ;-)

  9. Apologies, it should be money, my iPad made a correction.

    What about the rest of my content?

    Here is an excerpt from the treaty of Utrect :

    the full and entire propriety of the town and castle of Gibraltar, together with the port, fortifications, and forts thereunto belonging … for ever, without any exception or impediment whatsoever.

  10. El Cordobez,
    good luck on finding work in Spain and even more lucky if a Spanish company will take on a foreigner.

    So your learning Spanish, not a lot of good speaking castillano in Andaluz, do you understand the locals, un poco dificil.

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