IT’S the one week of the year where the food police are out in force at the British School of Marbella.

Tasked with keeping a vigilant eye on break time snacks, there were no hiding places for calorific contraband such as sugary sweets or belly-bulging biscuits in the playground last week.

And of course that went for the staff room too, with bingo-wing inducing snacks replaced with fabulous fruit, despite the glum look of teachers who were left with nothing more to dip in their mugs of tea than a celery stick.

After all, staff room pickers wear bigger knickers, as the old saying goes.

By now you are probably wondering what I’m on about, so I’ll explain!

For last week was the start of Healthy Living Week, where our pupils suddenly found themselves surrounded by more nutritional themed lessons than you can shake a carrot at.

As part of the event children were tasked with making wholesome snacks for a healthy picnic in the school playground, in a bid to prevent them becoming salad dodgers and couch potatoes later in life.
In related news, our sporty youngsters also competed in our fourth annual Sports Day at the end of the week.

More than a hundred budding athletes took part hoping to achieve glory and immortality in several disciplines, including the egg and spoon race, the sack race and the running race.

But no Sports Day would be complete without the legendary adult relay race that saw a record number of entries from competitive parents and toned teachers this year.

And it didn’t go unnoticed that some people were spotted doing evening runs along the beachfront in recent weeks in preparation for the competition!

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