SPAIN’S Ebola nurse has admitted she may have touched her face with her gloves after treating two repatriated priests, who both died of the virus.

Teresa Romero Ramos – the first person to have contracted the virus outside West Africa – was part of a team of about 30 nurses to treat the two missionaries in August and September.

The 40-year-old auxiliary nurse is still in quarantine in Madrid’s Carlos III hospital, along with her husband and three other people.

A fifth person, said to be a friend and colleague of Ramos, has also been admitted with a slight fever.

In total, more than 50 people in Spain are now under observation.

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  1. Rajoy should resign immediately. He brought Ebola patients to Europe, which was a catastrophic error in itself, and now one person is infected and another 52 are under monitor for the disease. Ebola must not be brought into a country whose procedures are inadequate and whose staff are poorly trained, and whose emergency protocol didn’t even exist before 3 weeks ago. Spain may have caused a disaster here, and the markets have already responded. This will really help Spain’s economic recovery. Spain’s government is simply not fit for purpose.

  2. In a last-ditch effort to save themselves, the Spanish government is resorting to outright lies…Apparently the “touching her face” never came from Teresa; and she has also been accused of lying.
    Well done, Rajoy…Do you really think the worldwide community will believe you as the truth is starting to come out? You never even had a P4 level hospital unit, which is an absolute for Ebola cases.

  3. Yes, she was accused of lying by that first-class clown Javier Rodriguez, the consejero de salud for Madrid. He’s since been doing the rounds of media outlets trying to backtrack, but just digging himself into a deeper hole. Where do they find these people?

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