STUNNED neighbours are up in arms after witnessing a health worker shed his protective suit in the street, immediately after cleaning the home of Europe’s first Ebola victim.

The worker removed his protective clothing in the door of the apartment building in which Teresa Romero Ramos lives, without taking any sort of precaution.

Spain has already been under attack for taking allegedly insufficient precautions and allowing the spread of the disease from Africa to Europe.

Neighbours at the Madrid urbanisation in which the infected nurse lives captured a snapshot of the worker as he shed his potentially-infectious suit, in clear view.

Spain has already been accused of allowing the virus to spread, first by repatriating two missionaries who had contracted the disease, and second by failing to take precautions after Romero contacted authorities to report her fear that she too had contracted it.

International media has slammed reports that Romero was left in a public ward, separated from other patients only by a curtain, while awaiting her test results on Monday.


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