UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s wife – a high-flying lawyer – has resigned from a €113,000 job on the board of a Spanish company hit by the corruption scandal.

Miriam Gonzalez, 46, has stepped down from her position as director of the construction and engineering firm, Acciona.

Two of the firm’s senior executives are currently under investigation by a Spanish magistrate and anti-corruption prosecutors over allegations of misappropriation of public funds, falsifying documents and money laundering.

Gonzalez, who earns a reported €640,000 a year as an international lawyer with Dechert LLP, said her resignation was unrelated to the inquiry.

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  1. What politician is not corrupt in some way,no matter what country.The people behind their election funding want results.
    Who said there is no such thing as a free meal?And so goes for people in high places or high positions.In my opinion what is the point in voting.Every party is riddled with the same tagging.

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