18 Dec, 2014 @ 11:49
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Expat campaign to ban animal circus in Manilva and Casares

EXCLUSIVE by Rob Horgan

AN animal loving expat has launched a campaign to ban animal circuses in Manilva and Casares after they were outlawed in Malaga city.

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, announced on December 14 that animal circuses would no longer be allowed in the city.

Now animal rights activist Angela Ferguson, from Middlesex, UK, believes it is time the law was wheeled out along the Costa del Sol.

She said: “The abuse and torture that these animals suffer for ‘entertainment’ is horrendous.

“You only have to see the cramped metal containers that they are shunted around in during the hottest time of the year to picture the suffering they go through.

“As more and more people become aware of how these animals suffer, the less they want to see it, especially in their own areas.”

Ferguson needs 1,000 signatures to submit her petition to the town hall. So far she has collected 300 signatures.

To support the cause visit: www.gopetition.com/petitions/stop-the-use-of-animals-in-circuses-in-manilva-and-casares.html



Rob Horgan

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  1. this woman has an obvious animal rights fundamentalist outlook. She is also very wrong, for a start elephants and tigers come from countries a LOT hotter than the Spanish coast. What makes me so sick is these circuses care tremendously meet the animals needs and have a deep caring relationship with them. Its not all about profit ,its a bond that few animal rights understand or care about. THEY do this because they have a distorted view of how animals think and feel. Their agenda makes them a danger, as circus is merely a catalyst for further agendas, as we have seen in the UK. They eventually would ban even domestic pets and have everyone vegetarian if they had their way. What is really vile about this idiot is she is an ex pat dictating her vile dogma in Spain. Circus thrives there has done for centuries. If you don’t like the culture you have gone to, why don’t you go elsewhere. You seem to like the heat, maybe hell will have you?

  2. There has been some real horror stories about the use of animals in circuses throughout the world. I fully agree with Angela be it the CDS. UK or anywhere. They are cruelly trained and live in cramped unatural conditions. Ban the use of animals for entertainment worldwide.

  3. Joder, que pena! Terry Bunton, it is you that is the idiot.
    You are suggesting that all Spanish nationals are in agreement with animals in a Circus. I suggest you look at some of the Spanish sites, ie. PACMA, Podemos Animalistas, that is assuming you are able to read Spanish. In their natural countries the animals are not locked in small cages. or are you too stupid to know that?
    Este no es cultura, cultura es civilizacion. Deberiamos tener
    una repulsa absoluto hacia la gente que defiende estas

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