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How to stay safe on Sierra Nevada’s slopes

Alberto C

BEFORE you launch yourself at high speed down a steep, powdery slope like the man in the Cadbury’s Milk Tray advert, check out the traffic!

Just as there are rules of the road, there’s a protocol on the piste, as head-on collisions are just as likely on snow as on tarmac.

In winter sports etiquette, the main rule of thumb is to respect your fellow skiers and snowboarders.

It’s important to be aware of your abilities and try to be in control of your speed and trajectory, adapting to the weather, terrain and snow conditions as well as the density and flow of traffic.

When choosing your route, make sure that you don’t endanger those ahead.

When overtaking, leave enough space for those in the slow lane to make any voluntary or unexpected movements.

If you do end up crashing into someone, or vice versa, try to clear the piste quickly. Bear in mind that, technically, names and addresses between parties and witnesses should be exchanged as they would in a road accident.

Also, if you see an accident, you are ‘duty bound’ to assist those involved.

Know your piste colour codes

Green: Learners

Blue: Beginners

Red: Intermediates

Black: Experts

No colour: Off-piste … only for pros and James Bond

So keep your eyes open, be considerate and have fun!


Alberto C. -19


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