2 Jan, 2015 @ 15:23
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More than 80 expats attend service for missing Amy Fitzpatrick

MORE than 80 expats attended a church service in Fuengirola to mark the seventh anniversary of Amy Fitzpatrick’s disappearance. 

Amy’s step-dad Dave Mahon – currently on bail, accused of murdering Amy’s brother Dean – flew in from Ireland with her mother Audrey Fitzpatrick.

Amy was 15 when she disappeared in 2008 on New Years Eve, as she returned to her Riviera del Sol home.

At the service on Wednesday, mother Audrey Fitzpatrick said she will ‘never give up hope’ that her daughter will be found.

She said: “I will only stop searching for her when she is found.”

The councillor for foreign residents in Mijas, Mario Bravo, added: “Nobody will disappear altogether if we keep remembering them.”

Rob Horgan

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  1. 80 ex pats should hold their head in shame. That show they put on has nothing to do with amy fitzpatrick.
    This was attempt to win sympathy in the courts for killing dean fitzpatrick.
    Did the priest hold up a picture of dean and his killer?
    Mahon has no connection to those children other than what he did to them.
    Did the priest hold a picture up of audrey and say this is the women who could not walk across the road to her own sons funeral.
    The same women who a few hours later stood next to where her son was killed by her boyfriend and get a taxi with that person to the pub.
    They are both disgusting excuses of humanity and their pontificating makes me sick.

  2. jimmy d – who made you judge and jury?
    Surely he has not been found guilty. And I am not sure you should be mentioning priests when you talk about children let alone justice. Was Dean a nice bloke? Did you know him? What was Amy like? Did you know her?

  3. @ bluemoon,
    You dont need to be a judge when sombody admits they killed somebody else it becomes fact.
    Since when do you need to found guily of something you that you clearly state you done?
    Who cares if i knew amy and dean or not or if he was not nice or not he did not kill anybody did he?
    Why is it important to you if i knew them? maybe you think its ok to kill people you dont like.
    As far as i know mahon was already sent to prison and let go again with a suspended sentence.
    If he had done the time then he could not have killed dean fitzpatrick thats the stupid justice system in Ireland.

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