ANIMAL rights activists will be gathering in Malaga this weekend, to march against the mistreatment of hunting dogs in Spain.

Every year, an estimated 50,000 greyhounds are abandoned or slaughtered when they become to slow to hunt with.

Many are just left to die at the end of the hunting season – which runs from November to February – and starve to death or are killed by cars.

In other cases, hunters dispose of their greyhounds by hanging them from trees or throwing them down wells, or they torture poorly performing dogs by breaking their legs or burning them.

The Million Paw March will be meeting on February 1, at 12pm, in the Plaza de la Marina.

“With these walks we will raise our voices for the Galgos, Podencos and the other hunting breeds” said supporter Jenny Russell.

“We are looking forward to seeing you there and proud to march alongside you. We are their voice.”

A second walk will take place in Madrid, on February 8. Supporters will meet at 12pm, at Puerta del Sol, near the statue of Carlos III in the middle of the square.

Look out for the ‘Million Paw March’ banner.

If you are unable to attend, but want to support the cause, visit the campaign’s Facebook page here.

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  1. As Jane said, well done for publicizing this. Absolutely awful what happens in Spain, good for you for putting it out in the public domain.

    THose Spaniards that are better educated should be stepping up to the plate and stopping this. Good for the demonstrators, I wish you great success and great weather. Bless Your Hearts for caring.

    • Barbara
      The majority of people that are trying to change things for the
      better for abused animals are Spanish nationals, not sure about
      their education, but what matters is that their heart is in the
      right place, and rather than just saying how awful it is they are
      actually doing something about it. Please if you have time, have
      a look at sites such as PACMA on facebook.

  2. Barbara,
    you’d be surprised at the percentage of hunters that come from the professional class. Why put these untermenschen in prison, not cost effective and the money could be put to much better use.

    I’ve always wanted to hunt the hunters. When it all kicks off and society disintegrates I will do just that – no mercy, just dog meat.

    • Stuart, I suggest only imprisoning the most egregious of them. The rest need very very hefty fines. Tax them out of existence, and use the revenue to care for cleaning up their mess. Pass reasonable, humane laws like the rest of the civilized world, then tax the hell out of them for ignoring them. Haven’t we evolved pass this yet? In most countries, yes. Spain is welcome to join, I think a good deal of its population find this practice dreadfully awful.

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