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A CELEBRATION of the natural wonders of the Straits of Gibraltar will have a top Gibraltarian scientist as key speaker.

Clive Finlayson, director of the Museum of Gibraltar, will speak about the Neanderthals that lived on the Straits and their extraordinary relationship with birds.

Finlayson, an ornithologist and anthropologist, is an internationally-renowned authority on the study of Neanderthals.
He famously oversaw the excavation of Gibraltar’s Gorham’s Cave – the last known site inhabited by Neanderthals before their extinction some 28,000 years ago.

His talk will be titled ‘Hominids [our ancestors] in paradise, the history of the Neanderthals and their relationship with the birds in the Straits’.

Huerta Grande eco-resort, housed between Tarifa and Algeciras, is hosting the conference on March 27-29.

The event also includes exhibitions, guided walks, bird-watching and whale-sighting, nature photography workshops, painting and other activities.

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