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A dog’s life, by Eddie the hotel hound

Eddie the dog with owner Andy

SO the editor – wooing me with promises of becoming Andalucia’s premier pooch – wants me to write a column about my life. Small village dog hits the big time… not bad for an Adana rescue mutt, eh?

Eddie the dog with owner Andy
Eddie the dog with owner Andy

As you may know I live at Hotel Molino del Santo in the station of Benaojan. It’s pretty much dog heaven, with semi-wild countryside with all the olfactory treats one could desire. (My master had to check the meaning of olfactory when I dictated it. I’d like to bypass him totally thus avoiding censorship of what I discuss but paws were not designed for keyboards).

There is a river nearby where I swim in the warmer months and barely any cars – which is just as well as my road sense is somewhere south of zero. Most importantly, there are more sticks than you can shake a stick at!

The hotel has been closed for the winter and I’ve been asked if that is better or worse than the busy season. I say you need to be positive, take in the good things around you.

Downside: hotel closed equals no bags of meat trimmings and bones appearing at the door – so it’s mostly dried dog food for me.

Upsides: hotel closed equals Master and Mistress around a lot more to talk to me and take me out and about with them.

Hotel closed equals change as they go off on holidays and family visits. I’ve been advised by my mates that it is imperative to perfect a sad and sulky look when I see suitcases, but this is just a front.

I go on my own holiday with a friend of  theirs who is a walking guide in the area – and we have a ball. Proper long walks every day and a dog-centred home. Perfect.

Obviously I pretend it’s great to see them when they return; you have to humour them…

To get in touch with Eddie, contact his owners Andy and Pauline at the Hotel Molino del Santo. Bda Estacion s/n, 29370 Benaojan, Malaga. 952 167 151 – 952 167 927. [email protected]

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