By AJ Linn

Aj linn oil.jpgOLIVE oil started out as part of the staple diet of the poor in Andalucia and was made at home.

Now it has been turned into a luxury item with Marbella, predictably perhaps, creating the world’s most exclusive olive oil.

Costing 170 euros a bottle, Olivia Marbella, has released just 75 bottles onto the market.

And sales are already taking off.

The bottles are Swarovski crystal and hand finished with individual numbers for maximum exclusivity – just like the buyers.

The fruit of the top quality Picual trees is hand-picked rather than being beaten off the branches as is usual.

Cold-pressed on site so no second class olives can get near it, it has a minimum acidity of between 0.1º and 0.2º.

The particular olive grove in question belongs to a Granada millionaire and its location is a closely guarded secret.

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