SPRAYED: Golden bin
SPRAYED: Golden bin

THE man with the Midas touch in Rincon de la Victoria may have been picked up by local police.

A 20-year-old from La Cala del Moral has been arrested and is suspected of giving several items of street furniture a golden makeover.

A patrol stopped the young man a few weeks ago when he was spray-painting a wall.

He had a camera in his possession which had several images connected to the ‘golden sprayer’ on the memory card.

Although he has not yet confessed, police believe they have their man.

Last week a council spokesman announced that the person behind the spraying would face a fine ranging between €1,501 and €3,000.

Mayor Francisco Salado also called on the town’s citizens to locate the perpetrator.

Reported cases of the golden sprayer include: a bench next to the tourism office, a paper-stand in Plaza de la Iglesia, a bin in Plaza de la Constitucion and a swing in the promenade’s park.




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