environment bottom in european poll of concernsSWITCH off the lights and shun the car, because it’s World Environment Day!

Today’s purpose is to inform the population of environmental dangers and to limit excessive consumption of water and paper in particular.

And action must be taken now as Spain is the most polluted country in Europe according to statistics released by the European Environment Agency.

The country exceeded the thresholds of safe air pollution on 150 days of a maximum of 183 last summer, and Madrid and Barcelona are top offenders.

The capital is Europe’s sixth most polluted city and was named and shamed as Spain’s ‘dirtiest’ city after a Spanish Consumer Organization’s survey.


  1. Due to lack of interest tomorrow is cancelled – does anyone else remember this iconic poster from the 70s’. Neil Young – After The Gold Rush – look at mother nature on the run in the 1970’s and now in the 21st century – don’t ask.

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