Eva Carneiro
Eva Carneiro

EVA Carneiro is set to be axed from Chelsea’s matchday bench, following a fallout with manager Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho was furious with the first-team doctor after she treated Eden Hazard for a minor injury during their opening day draw against Swansea.

It meant the Blues were temporarily down to nine men as Hazard had to leave the field following treatment and Thibaut Courtois had already been sent off.

The Portuguese manager publicly dressed down Carneiro’s decision, implying the Gibraltarian ‘did not understand football’.

It is understood that she will remain as the club’s doctor but will no longer be pitchside for matchdays.

Many corners have labelled Mourinho’s comments as ‘harsh’ and Carneiro said she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the public support.

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  1. Well it would be nice if we knew what the minor injury actually was that required a doctor to be called onto the pitch as we know how footballers twist and turn in terrible agony and pain only to quickly recover as soon the foul has been given. Perhaps that is what Mourinho meant when he indicated that the doctor ‘did not understand football’.

  2. When the ref. signals that he wants medical assistance for player, whether he has been conned or not, then the doctor must attend the real or faked injury – it’s called the hypocratic oath. If she had refused she would automatically face an enquiry – got it.

  3. Well I’m afraid Mourinho is the boss and in this case he has banned her from the bench and basically there nothing she can do about it. There is only one Mourinho but plenty of doctors, who do you think the Russian will choose. Besides did the ref call for a doctor or just medical assistance and the doc came out instaed..?

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