IF you can’t beat them, join them. That appears to be the mantra of two British police officers in Magaluf.

Sent to the resort to deal with boozed-up Brits, PC Martina Anderson and Sgt Brett Williams have found themselves in hot water.

While Anderson admitted to being ‘sozzled’ on the party island, her colleague Williams has caused controversy by posing with topless revellers for selfies.

Swapping cuffs for cocktails Anderson gave away the game when she posted a picture on Facebook, saying she was too ‘sozzled’ to spell.  

The National Police Chiefs’ Council set aside a total of 19,000 to fund the pair’s two week trip.

And after cleaning up the streets of the Majorca resort they have now jetted off to Ibiza party capital San Antonio to assist local police.


  1. Both Stuart & stefanjo, I think you will find they were both off duty when the photo and interview took place and naturally the press always give a twist to a story, besides what’s wrong with a dip and a swig in the hot weather we are having. By the way their stay in both places is not being funded by UK tax payers but by the individual councils in Spain. Best of luck to them.

    P.S Think the working hours should have been from 10pm to 7am instead of 10am to 7pm.

  2. Jacko: Why on earth are you defending this nonsense? Of course the “national police chiefs council” is funded by the British tax payer, therefore these clowns are having a jolly at the state’s expense. Google it. They are undignified, unrepresentative and unnecessary. It’s obvious what the “working hours” should have been, but then they may have actually had to confront a drunken Brit. Horrors!

  3. Jacko,
    another English in denial just like the Spanish who deny they are corrupt. They are police officers and as such are supposed to set an example. They were sent to Spain to deal with drunken English – get it. When I worked in the Netherlands and Germany going out at night I always encountered the groups of drunken English. They would congregate, perhaps because they were like little boys afraid to be alone, in certain bars, which I avoided like the plague and I never met one who could speak either Dutch or German and some had been working in those countries for years.

  4. Same place you told me to look up, Google. I know I had read it elsewhere but mistakenly attributed the whole cost elsewhere.
    As for the 19K you should be more concerned about the millions being spent in France who can’t control there boarders instead of the few quid that the Brit tax payer’s (which I am still one of them) are paying to control the bad habits of BRITISH people in Spain.

    Stuart, perhaps you should re-read your input of 19 Aug, 2015 @ 16:54 at 16:54 before you moan about things happening in Spain, more problems in France. Brit’s to help the French again. Can’t control their boarders. Same as WW2

  5. But the beat boobies aren’t controlling ANYTHING Jacko. It’s no good playing at prestidigitation, bringing up a complete irrelevance about France. That is not the subject here. Remember the Maginot Line? Of course an Ancient such as you should. The Jerries simply went round it. That’s what desperate refugees do. What do you expect? A wall?
    Congratulations on discovering google, handy innit? They are called BORDERS by the way, unless you consider the French to be running a massive B&B for their unwanted BOARDERS.

  6. Jacko – another little Englander, The English are reknowned for drunkeness and have been for centuries, you deny that so you are in denial – now what part of that do you not understand.
    How stupid to slag off the French. Do you really think that if there was’nt la Manche the German army would’nt have simply strolled in.

    The humiliation of Dunkirk and that is what it was – a British army led by a retarded public school boy officer corps. With out of date weapons, trounced by an army far inferior in numbers but equipped with superb tanks, self propelled heavy artillery, far superior machine guns, very well trained and led by officers who knew what they were doing.

    You needed to have talked to some veterans who knew the truth from having faced this army in Europe/North Africa/Italy. You are a classic example of a fool duped by the b/s propoganda films of the time and later.

    Little known is the fact that one Dutch sniper may well be the one to be thanked for his near mortal shooting of the brilliant young general who commanded the world’s first paratroopers, which made Hitler delay until his recovery, Operation Sea Lion.

    Tell me Jacko have you ever been under fire – you sound just like a typical armchair warrior.

    The French soldiers were betrayed by their openly Fascist officer corps who melted away – try talking to those who fought alongside the Free French in North Africa/Italy and on the beaches in Normandy. Better yet find some Frenchmen and call them cowards to their faces – thought not – back to the armchair where you belong.

  7. Stew, sorry if I had upset you but we know what’s wrong with Spain, we live there and don’t need a Frenchman who does not live there to tell us. Waste your time in writing to the press in France regarding the problems they are having with their own borders and not the borders of Spain. God bless the Brits and the Yank’s to save Europe’s skin.

  8. Sorry Stuart you use the words ‘French’ & ‘army’ in the same sentence. It is a contradiction in terms.
    France is a country in a sorry state where the price of beer in bars is as bad as in England.
    Spain may have its faults but is far more welcoming than France. If you would rather have France then stay there. More fool you.

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