health in SpainMED diet, plenty of sun and activity outdoors should be the perfect cocktail for perfect health.

And according to Spanish statistics institute INE, 71% of Spanish adults believe they are in good health.

This is gender split with 75% of men believing they are healthy versus 67% of women.

Regionally, while 74.9% of Madrilenos feel they’re in tip top condition Galicia trails at the bottom with just 60%.

Navarra and the Balearic Islands sit at second and third with 74.7% and 74.7% while Andalucia sits just below average at 70.8%.

Galicia is by far the least healthy – it is also the poorest – and residents of Castilla y Leon are the second least, at 66%, a whole 6% more.

Spaniards do not shy away from healthcare, 85% had been to the doctor in the last two months.

And one in five over 65-year-olds has difficulties performing everyday tasks.

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  1. This is a joke article is’nt it?
    I’ve never seen a Spanish woman move at anything like a reasonable speed. In just under two years in Galicia I watched women especially, growing fatter and fatter.

    Moving to Andalucia was no better, they must be on a par with the Scots for the fattest people in Europe. I could,nt believe the amount of pig meat they bought and everything deep fried.
    To put this argument to bed just look at the Spanish record in athletics and winter sports and this with a country that has two mountain ranges with plenty of snow each winter.

    It is the foreigners that use the Med. diet, we still do living in France and sadly the French are going the same way, just look at their athlectic record. Still, the elites are happy, fat slobs present no threat to their control.

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