A TEENAGER has died after being run over by a UK national with links to Gibraltar. 

Crime scene. PICTURE: Google
Crime scene. PICTURE: Google

The Englishman drove his van into three Spanish friends, all from La Linea, following an alleged fight inside a strip club.

He then drove off up the A7 towards Malaga with one of the two friends in pursuit, until he was caught in a quickly set up police roadblock nearby.

The incident took place at 1:30am on Saturday morning outside Show Paradise Striptease in Guadacorte, near Los Barrios.

Paramedics arrived on the scene within minutes but could not do anything to save the life of the youngster, Juan Carlos Perez, 19,who lived in the barrio of San Bernardo.

An investigation is now underway. Reports claim the driver, currently in custody, was under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, an emotional funeral has taken place, with hundreds of Perez’s friends and family members publicly mourning the teenager with a march through La Linea.

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