Health-workersHEALTH workers at the hospital of La Linea de la Concepcion are demanding improvements to pay and work conditions.

Staff protested outside the hospital doors to call for the reversal of cuts made years ago during austerity measures.

They want a return to a 35-hour week, the return of pay to 2012 levels and an end to docking pay for those who are off sick.

According to the Cadiz province health minister, Eloisa Bernal, the cuts made have directly affected the quality of public services provided.

The current campaign, titled ‘The Forgotten Andalucian’, aims to pressurise the Junta and highlight the grievances of hospital workers.

Staff at hospitals in Puerto Real and Algeciras are now set to protest as part of the campaign, while staff in Cadiz and Jerez have already done so.

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