Telitec team
Telitec team

I’VE just spent a month thoroughly testing out Telitec.

While initially the company’s 4g box didn’t impress, doing little more than my previous Movistar package, once I reinstalled it at the top of the house… hey presto, it worked like a dream.

Testing it nearly a dozen times via nifty phone app Speedtest, I never got less than an 18-megabyte download speed and once or twice got around 40m.

The average upload was around 9m and the ‘ping’ was normally in the late ‘50s’ or early ‘60s’.

Even better, the usage is unlimited and the company was always very happy to help.

Coupled with the company’s TV package, I rarely needed to go out and all IPTV channels worked well without the usual stopping and starting.

Terrific Telitec indeed.