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Convicted Nigel Goldman is ‘finished and will never commit another fraud’

GOLDMAN: Conman forced to wear electronic tag

COSTA del Sol conman Nigel Goldman has been handed a 12-month suspended sentence and placed under house curfew.

goldman del monte for web
GOLDMAN: Living in housing association flat with girlfriend Suzanne Couling

The convicted fraudster will also have to wear an electronic tag after being sentenced at Reading Crown Court on two counts of fraud.

Goldman, 58, who has changed his name to Howard del Monte, presented medical evidence claiming to be suffering from diabetes, lymphedema and depression.

A vicitim of Goldmans described him as ‘a disgusting character’.

“As an advert for a life of crime, it’s not a great one,” the victim told the Olive Press.

“The judge ripped him apart, telling him he was completely dishonest.

“He said he was only going to give him this second chance because of his medical records.”

Goldman, is forced to remain in his housing association flat with girlfriend Suzanne Couling from 8pm until 8am for 15 months during the curfew or face jail.

He has been forced to surrender his passport and a schedule of his assets will be made by the authorities.

The disgraced conman was found to have defrauded online shoppers out of more than 10,000 in an eBay scam.

“He is finished now,” said the victim.

“He is coming up to 6o years old and will never be able to commit another fraud.

“The authorities are keeping a very close eye on him.”

It is understood Goldman failed to attend a court appearance in Marbella this week over a massive Ponzi-type scheme in Spain.

He had been ordered to attend the ‘investigations hearing’ on January 5 and is now likely to be issued with a warrant for his arrest.

Dozens of expat victims claim to have lost up to 3 million in a series of elaborate investment scams.

The hearing was rapidly organised after Spanish website El Confidencial poured scorn on how it could have taken over two years to even get an initial hearing for the victims.


Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. Now for the proper one, the Spanish fiddles. Why should Britain pay for his keep in the nick? (Currently costing around a grand a week for chokey) Let Spain keep him in the manner he deserves, crap food, four to a cell, lousy company and the occasional kicked backside.

    • He’s not in the nick, yet. Also, if he is under a curfew with a tag and no passport, how can he now be expected to go to court in Marbella? The suspended sentence outcome shows this to be a small-scale crime in the overall scheme of things. Let’s see how Spanish justice deals with him!

  2. Stepfanjo,
    You have a downer on this Man,Why, were you idiot enough to hand him your money,from your post i don`t think you did, you seem bright enough than to act like a complete idiot which Nigel`s investors are.
    Stop commenting and learn the World is full of idiots.

    • Gee Mr. Gee, you seem keen to cut down on commentary. Any particular reason?
      As for lack of passport, the existence of a tag and curfew. Well, that should be no bar for extradition to another EU country. There are people in Spain who have lost much more to this joker than a few gold coins. They also deserve justice, which should be more condign than a cushy billet, complete with girl-friend.

        • Agreed Fred. As you said, let’s see how the Spanish “justice” system copes with this.
          If an arrest warrant IS Issued, as this article intimates is on the cards, clearly it will need to be accompanied with an extradition request.

          • I expect this is underway as we type, and as soon as his 12 month sentence is over an extradition order will be made, if not sooner. I am not sure if it can be made whilst he is serving his current sentence. We’ll be reading more about Mr Del Monte a lot more I’m sure.

  3. My belief is Nigel Goldman aka Howard Del Monte planned this last trick in the UK so as he would be arrested and charged on a small amount knowing he would not get time and therefore not be extradited to Spain where he has ‘stolen’ millions of euros from decent folk. After his year being watched with tab in the UK he will then play on his health being too unwell to travel back to Spain or disappear for good to pastures new where he will live for the rest of his life on stolen money, 3mil of it. This man it rotten through and through, has no concience or care for anyone but himself. I just hope what goes around and comes back and hits him in the face. I hope he ends up a dejected poor man.

  4. Nicky Spencer,
    you’ve got it in one. All the laws that have been introduced over decades since WW11 all over Europe have only one aim to make money for lawyers. Once upon a time if you stole, you had a hand lopped off – problem solved. Giving a second chance to who – the lawyers to make more money. You can bet he got legal aid, disgusting.

  5. Stephanjo,
    I purchased a car in 1980, i should have known better, i did not know that the car did not belong to the seller.To be a victim of fraud is stressful.Back then there were no internet checks available etc, i am sure you know the score.So to answer you as to why my comments are as they are.
    This man NG is down and out, what irritates me is that people comment that he has a hidden haul,he won`t have, reports state he was evicted from a rented property and is in housing association property.
    He probably struggled to raise the train fare to court.
    I learned from my own loss back in 1980 to check before i enter into an agreement and since then i have traded without problems.So should in your opinion believe that any investors with NG should have conducted some background checks.Do you think my thoughts are correct?

  6. Stephanjo,
    Hi and Good Evening yes NG is a joker, you see it, i can, why could his investors not see it?
    My philosophy is that you can`t kick a man when he is down.
    You have to see that he has kicked himself into that situation, he will never ever recover.
    What saddens me about the world is that we all start wanting to do well, he didn`t and can`t.

    On the other side NG classes himself as a businessman, he must be the worst businessman the planet has seen, but he can`t see that.
    He would think extorting £12,000 would be a successful deal, without doubt went out that night to celebrate.

  7. I knew Nigel Goldman a long time ago and for many years. He is, sadly, a very talented man but he has not used his natural abilities wisely, and (surprisingly) he does not seem to have learned the lessons from past mistakes.
    I hope he can in future accept that living a less high-profile lifestyle and operating within the confines of the law may be a more healthy and sustainable long term plan!

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