Gold statueWHEN a mayor can dip his hand into public coffers and pull out €50,000 for a frivolous purchase of his choice then questions need to be asked.

Without undermining the authority bestowed unto a mayor, council members are well within their rights to be upset by Jose Urbano’s latest extravagant purchase.

Especially when the purchase concerned is a bizarre statue of two awkward lovers caught up to no good on a roundabout.

If councillors are unaware of where town hall money is being spent, what chance have the rest of us got? But it’s easy to see why he didn’t tell them, as surely no-one would have supported spending €50,000 on such an obscenity.


  1. The residents of Estepona are extremely happy with Jose Maria and the amazing things he has done for our town – He is a profesional respectable man and his choices are welcomed by an overwhelming majority of residents. We understand that it must be “slim pickings” sometimes when it comes to news on the coast, however this does not justify posting an article of this nature.

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